I Feel Like A Stark Raving LUNATIC! (True Story – You Can’t Make This Crap Up)




You know those people? The Calamity Jane types that always seem to have an emergency? They miss tons of work/school because there is always something wrong with them? I’ve known more than a few during my work life and it’s so annoying. “For god’s sake, just get you a$$ to work and do something!” Yep, I’ve thought it many times.

But now…I AM that person and I HATE it!

I have a chronic thing I deal with. Blah Blah, whatever. Part of the fallout of that caused me to have three, yes THREE tooth extractions last week. (Kill me.) If you’ve ever had an extraction, you know. It makes a root canal seem like a walk in the park. Swelling, pain, not to mention appearance. Looking forward to the rebuild this week. I pride myself on being fabulous always in all ways. So finally, this week, the infection began to wane, the swelling began to dissipate and I finally started to feel better. I was almost back in the game.

Then last night, I had the whole severe abdominal pain so bad it made me faint (never happened before) thing. So, now along with the ailing mouth, I have a busted face, (right twix my eyes) and a big ole shiner on my forehead. Honest to god, if it weren’t true, it would be hysterical! (Interesting side note – I did NOT click the italics on the word, “hysterical”….it just happened!)

See what I’m saying? You just cannot make this stuff up!

All I can say is, I have to go out tomorrow to run some errands. So, keep yourself off the road so that, you too, do not become yet another chapter in my ‘Calamity Jane” life! xoxo