My last post about The Real Housewives of Atlanta.


Hey y’all! Hope you had a beautiful weekend. I was looking forward to the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night. I thought there may be some words exchanged but ultimately, if they are all friends, they will make up. I could not have been more wrong.

I actually started writing this blog during the first 10 minutes of the show last night. I stopped writing because I could not believe what I was seeing and furthermore, I had no idea how to put it in words. The paragraphs below in italics are as far as I got:

8 minutes in and here is the scorecard. I give kudos to Mrs. Phaedra Parks because she walked into the cigar bar, saw Apollo and Kenya talking and walked away. It was the right thing to do. She showed class and grace…let’s see if it lasts.

Minute no. 10. And the kudos are gone. Phaedra is talking to the ever charming, Apollo and, as expected, put all of the blame on the previous nights events 100% on Kenya. Apollo “just doesn’t get it”. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

This show has gone from mildly interesting, to comical, to absolutely ridiculous. In my opinion, Bravo TV has decided it’s viewers are complete idiots. We are not. And we can smell bullsh*t from a mile away.

If you all watched last night’s episode you know what happens. Nutshell:  At the end the Mexico weekend, there was another “pillow talk” session. The women fought with each other. The men fought with each other. The end.

At the end of the show, I had several thoughts about it. The first is, it seems glaringly obvious that all of the drama is staged ahead of time. Let me clarify for those of you who are really “in” this show and have taken sides.


Let’s face it. An hour of watching “normal” people would be a major snore and wouldn’t last. My problem is that these programs seem to have gone to a place where they have to “one up” the previous season. Because of this, the show has taken a major downward spiral.

One of two things is happening here and of this, I am sure:

  1. The entire season was a set up. I don’t just mean the trips. I mean the activities and the conversations. These people possibly all love each other, and take on personas when the camera’s are rolling. Then they hug it out at the end.


2. This is probably closer to the truth. Bravo recruited couples they thought would be full of drama, forced them to spend time with each other and added alcohol to the mix. This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster. In this scenario, these people truly cannot stand each other but as Nene repeatedly says, they must be “team players”.

I believe this is the case.

Bravo made a HUGE mistake bringing the husbands/boyfriends into the show. It was so unnecessary! Literally, the show was full without them. The men have really brought the show to a new low and have shown the women’s true colors in the process.

As it stands now:

Nene is a petulant child. She is mean, rude, and a horrible friend. Why would anyone want to be friends with a woman who is constantly keeping score. She has no empathy of anyone. She has truly gotten “too big for her boots”. Mark my words, her 15 minutes are nearly over.

Phaedra thinks she is fooling everyone by being her version of a “Southern Belle”. First of all, just because you are from the south, that does not make you a Southern Belle. I should know, I grew up in South Carolina. She has no empathy for anyone. I believe we will find out that it is not only Apollo who has done some shady dealings. Phaedra’s various jobs just do not add up. Not in any world, reality or otherwise.

Porsha. Young, naive, and mouthy. No class, no empathy for anyone. Not much more to say because there is not much more to Porsha. She is 32 years old. Not 22, like she likes to act.

Cynthia. I used to like Cynthia until they brought the husband’s on the show. Now I think she is timid, mousey and afraid of her husband. (PS I also think HE is shady). She has everything and doesn’t realize it. She has no empathy for anyone.

Kandi. By far, the most “real” person on the show. Unfortunately, that makes her the most boring on the show. I think Kandi is a great business woman, she is a role model for young girls because she has accomplished so much in her life. For a long time I was not on board with Todd. I’m still not sure though I do like him better than I did. Kandi’s mother…well let’s just say, that woman needs Jesus…and leave it there. Kudos to Kandi for turning out as well as she did. No thanks to her horrible parents. Oh, and Kandi DOES have empathy for others. She cares and cares deeply. Much love for this remarkable woman.

Kenya. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. Y’all can say what you want about this woman but I really think she’s GREAT. She knows how to work the cameras. They are almost always on HER. She is beautiful and single. She owes no one anything, including the ladies on this show that treat her so horribly bad. She comes through it with a smile on her face, stronger than before. In my eyes, other than stirring the pot (I’m sure at producer’s requests) she has done nothing wrong at all this season.

Kenya, I’m waiting on the spin-off honey.


Real Housewives of Atlanta – UPDATE! I’m Famous LOL.


better with a smileThis has been me the last few days. Well, I haven’t even looked that good!

I apologize for my absence. Some things have come up that have monopolized my time. I hope to be able to write about it soon. I will definitely keep you posted.

So, here’s the big news….remember I told you I got caught up in a twitter war? Well, guess what? That same tweet was featured on Bravo TV’s website! Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. I was thrilled to have my 15.5 minutes of fame! (It’s funny but it’s kinda true.) Check it out people:


Karen Jennings…yep, that would be me. I’m not going to lie. I was totally thrilled! One of my friends saw it and contacted me, otherwise I would have never known. *Insert happy dance here*. Ok, so maybe it does not take much to make my day. (Remember this during my birthday.)

Now then…

We have all had time to cool down after the whole Kenya/Apollo debacle. Has anyone’s opinion changed? On its face, my opinion with anyone (including Kenya and Apollo) is simply this. Single people don’t owe anyone anything. It is not their problem if the person they are talking to is married or single. Married people DO owe someone something. They owe their spouse/partner to be trustworthy, loyal and honest. Let’s face it, if Apollo was a trustworthy person, there would be no problem. So ladies, stop going at each others throats and call out the person that made vows with you under oath.

I’m sure we will see more of this on Sunday night. I will certainly be watching.

In the meantime, I am working on a series of blogs that I believe you will find insightful and interesting. It is a truly important subject but I am asking permission from someone who is involved before I start writing it.

Please watch for the series coming up. It’s a humanitarian issue from a unique perspective.

I will also be writing on reality tv and current events as things peak my interest. One thing I can promise you is that I will not write anything that my heart is not in to. I can’t. The words don’t come…

Talk to you again soon! xoxo

PART TWO: Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!


Comments are STILL pouring in to me via Twitter about Sunday night’s episode of, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. It used to be that Ms. Nene Leakes was the star of the show. But now, Bravo TV has Ms. Kenya Moore to thank for bringing in the viewers.

Image   Image

If you have not already done so, please read part one of this blog simply called, “Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!” (Note: It does not say Part 1.)

Based on the comments I am receiving, people are very polarized on this story. People either love Kenya or hate her, with not too much in between. In the ongoing discussion on twitter, I’m receiving either this type of comment (“Kenya is spiteful”, “she is beautiful but beautiful can be pretty ugly also”, “…it is all fake! Phaedra needs to kick her a$$!!”, or the opposite type of comment:, Phaedra needs to grow up, shes making herself look very insecure”, “fine for Kenya to want to talk to Apollo, but Apollo should have said no without his wife”, “Kenya went with Lawrence…check ur husbands if ur worried.

As I stated in my last blog, I do not see a problem with what Kenya did or the manner in which she did it. I feel like Kenya was friendly because being a b*tch with Apollo has not worked in the past. They were literally sitting one table over from the husbands and there were other patrons, staff, film crew and cameras everywhere to document exactly what happened.

Many people are saying Kenya should have talked to either Phaedra alone or to Apollo and Phaedra at the same time. I totally disagree with this and here is why. Kenya has tried to talk to Phaedra alone in the past. Phaedra shuts down completely. I don’t believe the two ladies are friends, nor do I believe EITHER OF THEM respects the other. Why should Kenya keep trying to talk to Phaedra when she is never respected enough from Phaedra to even answer?

I believe my twitter friend, @brownroyyal had it right when he said Kenya did not have the right “training” at home. Kenya had no mother growing up and missed out on so much only a mom can teach. Empathy for other women is one of those things. I will agree that Kenya does start her share of trouble. But I do not believe she always does it on purpose. She does not know how to trust others and almost never lets her guard down. This means no one can “get in”.

Kenya has said in past episodes that she was not treated well growing up. This is evident in her inability to create deep, meaningful relationships with anyone. On this episode, we finally saw a little bit of the real Kenya when she took the ladies to the fertility person? guru? (whatever his title is). She was clearly emotional and it was real. She has a longing for a baby to bond with. She is a fragile woman who, thankfully, has the deep desire to love another unconditionally. She was so brave to share that, not only with the ladies, but to all of us watching.

3 observations:

1. The fact that this urge is so strong, means Kenya is not a lost cause. If she is fortunate enough to become a mother, we will all see a huge transformation in Kenya, for the good.

2. When Kenya finally opened up and got real, it was so tender and lovely to see. Nene rolling her eyes is an example of the reasons Kenya keeps her walls up. Nene, bad form, low class. Practice what you preach.

3. It’s sad and disappointing to me to see how bitter and distrustful so many women have demonstrated in their comments. Women have enough obstacles in this world, without us turning on our own. Ladies, lets support and encourage each other, whether we agree with each other or not.

Talk to you again soon! xoxo

What are your feelings about this? It is 3:30pm in Miami and I am still receiving comments about this situation on Twitter.

Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!


Image  Image

Before I start, there is one thing we can all agree on. Kenya Moore is a strikingly beautiful woman. She has a kind of exotic look about her. Any man with a pulse would do a double take as she passed by. Her beauty and strength of character could be and is a turn off for some women. Why? From the MASSES of tweets I received following the show, it’s because those women are insecure about themselves and the relationships they are in.

On last night’s episode of RHOA, Kenya planned a couples trip to Mexico. This was planned on the heels of a Charity function Kenya arranged which turned into a disaster and the “Bailey Bowl”, also a disaster. Nonetheless, Kenya said she wanted to “extend the olive branch” to the ladies to try to patch up their ups and downs friendship.


In last night’s episode, the husbands were hanging out in the cigar bar. Kenya came in and joined the men for a cigar. Where were the other ladies? No idea but they were not there. She and the men were having a good time just talking to one another. Kenya ordered a couple of rounds of shots of tequila. Many call alcohol, truth serum and, if nothing else, a couple of shots would loosen everyone up. I am sure Kenya had this in mind when she ordered them.

Image  Image

Kenya pulled Apollo to the side to another table to discuss their rocky past. It was a pleasant, light-hearted conversation. All Kenya wanted was for Apollo to admit nothing happened between them. Even though the conversation took place in a well lighted, public bar, in front of the other men as well as camera’s and crew, the twitter backlash towards Kenya was HUGE.

How do I know? Because I got caught right in the middle of it!

I responded to a tweet and said, “it was in a room full of people and cameras.They were hardly alone.” I then put my phone down and did some other things. I picked it back up about 30 minutes later and had over loads twitter notifications. What the hell?

Kenya Moore responded to my tweet by saying, “Exactly, LOL.” So from that point forward, everyone arguing about who is to blame and pushing their point copied me on it as well. Many felt like Kenya was somehow disrespectful for talking to Apollo. Others, (including myself) did not see a problem with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and twitter is a great forum to express that.

Through all of the tweets (which I just read through again) there was one point that was completely missing. Only 2 people (3 if you count me) put any of the blame on Apollo!

Has everyone already forgotten about this caught on camera? Not to mention the fact that Apollo Nida has served time?Image   Image

After he beat “red silk P J’s guy” half to death, he told Phaedra (on camera) he was trying to stop a fight. She believed him and blames, guess who? Kenya! Incidentally, Nene also blames Kenya for this fight. Last time I checked, she didn’t hit anyone. If these men cannot control their tempers, that’s on them.

In this case, almost nobody blamed Apollo for talking to Kenya. It was ALL her fault according to many twitter followers.  Sorry Ladies, Apollo could have walked away, or asked Todd to stay but he did not.

So many people were mean and nasty to Kenya, is was disgusting. One stooped so low as to say, “she would say exactly cause ur classless! That’s why u can’t have baby its ur karma! #aloneforever haha“. Most of the tweets I did not respond to but this one? No, I could not let it go. I responded, “Regardless of your feelings on this, what you said was way over the line. Karma works both ways my friend.” This person (who will not get notoriety from my blog) is still trying to argue with me even now! I finally blocked this person.

Other comments I received included:

“It’s about respect. They are married. Get some class.”

“even the shaman was sad

“clear her name? Lol. He definitely could have worked that out if he wanted to.”

It says a lot about about a woman who hangout w/men alone @Cigarbar and drinking. #trashy & #sleezy.

And on and on. So disappointing. Shocking and sad.

The underlying tone of everyone who was hammering Kenya seemed to be that men can’t control themselves, so she should not have approached him. Likewise, the fight a couple of weeks ago, the men couldn’t control themselves and once again blame was pointed at Kenya. Listen to me carefully here, that is absolutely RIDICULOUS. And an insult to all of the trustworthy, self-controlled men out there.

Kenya did what she set out to do. She was non-confrontational and it was the right approach. She cleared her name while the cameras were rolling. Well done friend. Many twitter followers agree because my statement has tons of retweets.

If anyone should have a problem, it should be Phaedra with Apollo, and not over last night’s conversation. She should have a huge problem that Apollo cannot be trusted and has a terrifying temper. She has small children in their home. He should be kicked to the curb. Keeping a “tight leash” on a man is no way to live. I bet this marriage will end. Soon.

These ladies should hold their men accountable for the things they do and say. And give Kenya a break.

Ultimately, I would like to say to all of the women out there: we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. We should truly care for each other and be delighted for each others successes. Stick up for one another. Have each others back. Be a true friend.

Talk to you soon! xoxo

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 13 – It got REAL…Scary that is!



Let me start by saying that I LOVE Reality TV. I’m a huge Bravo fan. I enjoy seeing “how the other half-lives” and my heart smiles a little bit knowing that it’s not all champagne and roses, even for the elite. As viewers, we get a small peek, heavily edited look into reality star’s lives. And, if nothing else, it’s mindless entertainment that takes us away from our own problems for a while.

BUT…The Real Housewives of Atlanta (hereafter known as RHOA) went straight from drama to off the rictor scale violence tonight. And get this, it wasn’t the housewives, it was their husbands! I watched the show with my twitter friends at #RHOA and we were all completely shocked at what went down. In a nutshell, all of the housewives and their spouses/partners gathered together for a “pillow talk” party. What could possibly go wrong?

Phaedra Parks husband, Apollo went wrong. WAY wrong.


As usual when this group is together, accusations, allegations and “throwing shade” commenced. Whatever. The situation quickly escalated and Apollo Nida proceeded in beating the sh*t out of a newbie in the group. Pure pandemonium ensued. Producer’s everywhere trying to calm the situation. They succeeded, briefly. People were sectioned off in different rooms in Nene’s home. Apollo seemed still enraged though and sure enough, he took his shirt off and headed for the poor guy again. It seriously was “Jerry Springer” on crack.


While we only saw this last evening, it was actually filmed in September 2013. Fast forward to last week and Apollo has been arrested, not for abuse, but for bank fraud and identity theft. I guess we now know where he got “five thousand dollars” to spend in the strip club. This is not his first major arrest. This man has already spent 5 years in prison for racketeering. Not exactly father/husband material which leads me to the whole point of this blog:

Why is Mrs. Phaedra Parks still married to this man and allowing him to live in the home with two very young children. On RHOA after the first brawl, she stated, “Apollo has a temper, but he can usually control it”. Usually? This jobless man and convicted felon who can usually control his temper resides in the same home as two babies. One can only imagine what happens behind closed doors on the occasions when usually runs out…

On the RHOA, Mrs. Parks is portrayed as a very strong southern belle. She is a proud woman and seemingly completely in control. It seems reality and reality are very different for Phaedra.

Mrs. Phaedra, I sincerely hope this blog comes to your attention. The writing is on the wall. In the south, we do stand by our men. But when our children are in danger, that’s a deal breaker. Done.

My heart and prayers go out to the beautiful Phaedra Parks and her children. I sincerely hope and pray she gathers the strength to leave. She has far too much going for her to allow this man to drag her down.There is no need to “keep up appearances”. The cat is out of the bag.