Juan Pablo tells People Magazine that Bachelor Contestant, Clare Crawley’s Reaction to his rejection was childish and disappointing.



It may not seem like it, but I truly don’t want to give this guy any more publicity than he already has. I keep intending to leave this story, I really do. I guess I’m just still that damn mad about the whole thing. There’s that, coupled with more information slowly coming out that must not be ignored.

If you watched this season of “The Bachelor” staring latin lover, Juan Pablo something or another, you know what went down with him and Clare Crawley. Piecing together the whole picture truly makes Juan Pablo a despicable human being and I will tell you why.


Very early on in the season, Clare snuck off and went to Juan Pablo’s suite to ask him to swim with her in the ocean – “a bucket list item”, she said. Now, by no means, do I mean to paint Clare as an innocent victim here. That said, like so many women, my guess is that she thought if she could get him to have sex with her, he would fall in love with her. Don’t dismiss this theory. Ladies, back me up here. Plenty of women have used this tactic. Some successful, some not. In general, it’s not recommended.

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We know they were alone several times after that night, throughout the entire season and now we know why. In fact, Clare made it all the way to the final two. Juan Pablo answered Clare’s question, “Just tell me you love me”, his response, “I love f*ing you but I don’t know you”.

What does all of this add up to?

It’s not pretty. Not pretty at all. It’s very clear from the 2nd part of his comment, the “I don’t know you” part, that their time together was spent getting physical.  Juan Pablo is a bigger dbag than we ever realized. He kept Clare around to have a “piece on the side” while he dated the other women. Essentially, he objectified Clare from the get go and never took her feelings in to account. Clare even called him on it the night before the final rose. She told him point blank, “if this is just a physical thing, tell me now and I’m out of here”. He assured her that, “no, you’re special to me, that is why you are here”.

Any man, with any shred of empathy would have owned up. Juan Pablo did not. He used Clare for sex and told her as much. Then lied to her to keep her there so he could publicly reject and humiliate her on national television.

I seriously just threw up a little in my mouth. Why? Because of this comment Juan Pablo made to People Magazine:

“She was expecting me to propose, I get it, but you don’t have to come at me like that,” he says. “It was childish. She disappointed me.”

Juan Pablo used Clare and set her up and she’s the childish, disappointing one??? No woman wants a man capable of this kind of manipulation. Nikki, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Talk to you all soon….after I cool down. xoxo


The Bachelor 2014: Disasterous Ending + What did Juan Pablo say to Clare in the helicopter?



I’m sure you have already read a zillion articles regarding Juan Pablo and the final rose. I won’t bore you with what went down except to say, I TOLD YOU SO. *Does I told you so dance*. (Check out my two previous blogs about this latin loser.)

As an American living in Miami, I can tell you that the Latino culture is huge down here. Huge  That is not to say that all Latino men are like this one. However, because of my experience living here, I knew exactly what kind of guy JP was after the first episode of “The Bachelor”. I will remind you however, everybody and I mean everybody wanted this dude to be this year’s Bachelor. Be careful what you wish for. Ugh

I watched “After the Final Rose” with my hands over my eyes, leaving just enough room to see the TV. Juan Pablo got grilled and showed his true colors, live, on national TV. For me, as cringe worthy as it was, I was not surprised at JP’s attitude. All I can really say about the situation is, Nikki, poor, delusional Nikki. Girl, RUN, don’t walk away from this joker.


And Clare, you dodged that bullet…well, almost. We all saw you visibly shaken after the helicopter ride with the latin lover. Everyone, including me, wanted to know what he said to you when the cameras were off.

Folks, now we know and here it is:

“Clare asked Juan Pablo, ‘Just tell me you love me,’” knowing that the Bachelor may be hesitant to declare such a thing on camera, the insider says. “And he said, ‘I really loved f—ing you.”


What actually happened on that night in the ocean has now been clarified (no pun intended) by the man himself. What a dbag! Why is America so pissed off at this guy? As one of those pissed off American’s, I can say that the reason I am so pissed off is because I wasted nearly 4 months watching this show and for what? Why didn’t Chris Harrison or the producer’s pull the plug on this show when women starting quitting? You can’t tell me they did not know, until last night, that this guy was not interested in marrying anyone.

Whatever. Live and learn, I guess.

So, who is the real winner here? Obviously not “too much, too soon” Clare. She showed her “cards” way too early. It’s also certainly not Nikki. If I could advise Nikki of anything, I would tell her to go after Juan Pablo’s cousin. He seemed like a sensitive, down to earth guy who would make a great partner.

The REAL winner here is one, Ms. Desiree’ Hartsock. She dumped Juan Pablo on her season of the Bachelor pretty early in the season. And throughout, it was apparent he was never a front-runner. Congrats Des! Congrats on looking beyond what’s on the outside of a man and choosing someone who is wonderful on the inside!


Finally, as I said before, I too live in Miami. I do hope that one day, I will cross paths with Juan Pablo. I would like nothing better than to school him about how to treat women. If it ever happens, I promise to blog about it immediately. We now all know why he is not with his daughter’s mother and why he is still single at 32.

Thank god it’s over.


Big congratulations to Andi, who is the next Bachelorette. She’s both smart and beautiful and I fully expect her season to be a pleasure to watch. The show will air this May and I’m sure we will all be watching.

Talk to you again soon! xoxo