Top 10 NEW Dressing Room Mistakes!



Ladies AND Gentlemen,

The loooooong walk to the 3-way mirror…I’m seriously getting anxiety just looking at the picture. Picking out and trying on clothes should be fun. But in an ever changing fashion world, it’s easy to get discouraged. Nobody wants to spend hard-earned on clothes that do not look fabulous.

Just like everything else these days, even what you should end up with in the dressing room has changed. Just avoid these 10 dressing room mistakes and you will end up with the perfect clothes for you!

  1. Don’t take a “yes” person clothes shopping with you. You need to either a) shop alone or b) take someone who will be honest with you (a BFF or your mother perhaps?). Ask them to be brutally honest. And be sure to do the same for them in return.
  2. Don’t worry about the size of the garment. It really is JUST a number! Sizing varies from designer to designer. So choose an item you feel will fit your body. Pay no attention to the size.
  3. Don’t buy anything black. Seems like a strange rule, huh? Black is not the only slimming color. Black is horribly over done. And I bet your closet is already housing more than enough black.
  4. Don’t by the “in” color. Just because it’s “in” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “in” for you. If it clashes with your skin tone, pass it on by.
  5. Don’t mimic your favorite stars wardrobe. Who is your favorite celeb? You love her/him right? That’s great but don’t be a follower. Be your own star! Image
  6. Don’t pay too much attention to fashion magazines. I enjoy an occasional mag. But, honestly, if you are not a size 6 or less, leave the mags on the shelf. The clothing found in those mags is made for really thin people. Except when they do a *gasp* plus size edition. Either way, they are going to make you feel like crap and who needs that?
  7. This is a not-so-new rule, but it has changed a bit. Don’t dress younger OR older than you are. This mistake is only made when you think to yourself, “is this too old/young for me?” The reason it’s a mistake to buy that item is because you are already uncomfortable in it. Odds are, it won’t make it off the hanger once you get home.
  8. Don’t pay too much for “labels”. Often times, the same items can be found in department stores, discount stores, or even online. (Here’s where I shamelessly plug my Ebay online store:) If you are in to high fashion, designer wear that is new or gently used, at a fraction of retail prices, check out: Fashionista ReSale by Uniquexx-us. Let me know what you think!
  9. Don’t choose big, blousey, clothes in an effort to hide your figure. Celebrate your curves! Choose items that flatter your body type.
  10. This is probably the most important of all of the new rules, when you think you have that perfect outfit, don’t turn sideways and suck your stomach in to see your silhouette. You’re not going to walk around all day sucking your stomach in. To get a true idea of your outfit, let your tummy OUT. If it still looks good, buy TWO!


You are such a unique and special person. Reflect that in your wardrobe. Who knows? YOU could wind up being the trend setter!

Talk to you soon! xoxo