Thank you SO much!



For clicking on my blog and seeing what I have to say.


For listening to me.


For seeing what I’m all about.


For joining this journey with me. Now, you are part of the journey!


For your feedback and comments. Reading them is a great way to start each day.


For following my blog! Many of you are bloggers yourselves, so you KNOW how great it feels!

And finally,


For sticking with it and reading this whole message!

Talk to you soon! xoxo


Short, Sweet, Serious. Sincere.



No, it’s not “S” day…although writing a blog with only words that start with the letter “S” is an interesting challenge. Another blog, another day. It’s also not about me, all though I am all four of those words. Again, another blog, another day..

This blog is about you. Yes, YOU. I’m still an infant blogger (only 2 weeks old) and I have honestly been blown away by your interest in what I have to say! I want to thank you so much for that. You have been so encouraging and supportive. And frankly, I did not expect it. There are a ba-zillion talented bloggers out there and before a started, I questioned whether their was room for any more. I needn’t have worried as the blogging world has welcomed me with open arms.

In the coming weeks, watch out for stories such as, “The Blood Curdling Scream From My Back Yard”, “Regurgitated Grits”, and “I should come with the warning, “I trip over flat surfaces”, just to name a few.

I would be honored if you would share my blog with the people you think would enjoy it. You truly inspire me to do more, to be more. And for that, I am truly grateful! Without you, I’m simply writing an online diary, party of one.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Short, Sweet, Serious. Sincere.

Now, get out there and enjoy your weekend!