My Blog: 2/10/14 – A BIG Believer In Signs



Earlier today, I wrote what I thought was a really good blog about a very controversial subject. I did not write it any differently than any other blog I have written. I saved it as a draft multiple times and it also auto-saved every few minutes. I finally and quite proudly got the final draft completed and clicked, “Publish Post” and nothing. NOTHING! It was gone, just gone. I checked everywhere. How could my blog just disappear into nothing? All of that work for nothing??? UGH.

This brings me to the new subject of today’s blog: Signs. Let me start by saying that I am not superstitious at all. I’ve known many superstitious people in my life and I have never seen any evidence that it does any good. I do, however, believe Karma is real and I’m a big believer in “signs”. Are they guardian angels? cosmic energy? a message from God himself? karma at work? My best guess is a little bit of all of those and maybe some other forces I haven’t even thought of.

Though it is a cliché’, “when one door closes, another one opens”, that does not mean it’s not true. I’ve lived long enough and lived through enough to know there is so much truth to this saying. Signs are everywhere. We just have to be alert enough to notice them.

So, the next time you are trying with everything inside you to keep a door open and it closes anyway, let-it-go. It will not be apparent at that moment, why that door had to close and you may be absolutely devastated as a result. I speak from experience. However, as the future unfolds, you will see the significance. Not only that, you will feel relieved, even grateful that something stronger than you put that sign in your way.

It was a sign to me, today, when my blog disappeared, that it perhaps is not the right time for it to be posted. I believe the sign and changed my blog topic. What was the original topic? You will know when the time is right.

Signs are not there for no reason. Pay attention to them. Pay attention to your life. Look for signs, even if it is merely a tug at your heart or mind. Trust yourself, trust the signs before you and move ahead accordingly. You will be glad you did.