You are what you eat? Nah…You are what you DRINK!


If we ate something like this on a daily basis, or…well…ever, then “you are what you eaters” have a point.


The truth is, Americans are eating more healthy and exercising better than ever before. There is so much information available now due to FDA regulations and the glorious internet. We can find all of the stats on the food we eat right at our finger-licking finger tips. Due to the FDA, serving size, calories, ingredients, vitamins, and other stuff that I have no idea what it means (nor do I care) is right there on the packaging.

We count calories all day, everyday. We try all of the latest and greatest dietary supplements on the market (whether they are good for us or not). We go to the gym. We walk or jog in the morning and at night. We do all of these things to be more “fit”. And yet, overweight people, of which I am one, are also greater in number than ever before.

How could this be?

If we are eating more healthy than ever before and we are exercising more than ever before, why are more people overweight?

Part of it, I am sure, is due to genetics, other reasons include health problems (the category I fall in), and being misled on packaging. You know the ones I’m talking about, right? The “100 calorie” per pack items look great on the box. When you crack that package open, it’s literally like 3 bites of food. Well, of course that’s only 100 calories! None of this is new, nor does it completely explain the disconnect between eating healthy, exercising and weight.

I know so many people who do exactly what I explained above. Eat right and exercise right. Then they do something that is completely mind-blowing to me. They drink alcohol like it’s going out of style. Downing an entire bottle or two of wine, drinking 6-12 beers at a time, and/or hitting the shots of liquor followed by a chaser. I’m not talking about the occasional, “I’m at a party” drinking night out. I’m talking about people who do this anytime from weekends only to every single day of the week.


If I have not just described you, think about how many people you know that do live this way. It sounds crazy, right? Maybe so, but that does not make it any less true.


And, anyway, we deserve it, right? I mean, we work hard, we eat right, we exercise. We deserve a few beers at night to unwind, don’t we?

Just bare in mind, that with each beer, light beer, wine or cocktail we take in, we are taking in an average of the following calories.

Light Beer – 1 can/bottle 100 calories

Beer – 1 can/bottle 154 calories

White Wine – 1 glass 120 calories

Red Wine – 1 glass 125 calories

Liquor – 1 shot 100 calories

And it’s not just about the calories.

The damage this routine causes to our internal organs can be fatal. It seems to me then, we are not eating right and exercising to be healthy. We are actually doing it to look healthy. We can look very fit on the outside, meanwhile our kidney’s and liver are dying a little more with each drink of alcohol we drink.

Just food for thought, I mean, drink for thought…

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I will talk to you again soon! xoxo