On The Biggest Date Night Of The Year…DON’T!


I don’t, care if you have just started dating, you live together, or are married, do NOT go out on a date on Valentine’s Day. There is pretty much nowhere you can go that will not be packed. And this year, it’s a double whammy, V Day falls on Friday! Waiting around for one and 1/2 hours at a crowded restaurant until you finally get seated, then it’s another couple of hours before you are out of there. If you are planning the most predictable date, a movie follows after dinner. Again, you wait in a line for tickets in an ‘at capacity’ movie theatre and wait again in the concession line. By the time you’ve gotten through all of that, you will be lucky if you make the movie on time. A race to your movie leads to disaster when you realize the theatre is so full, there are no 2 seats together. Ugh. 5 hours and $200 later, you are finally back home. And do you know what you both will be thinking? “I wish we had just stayed home!”

Now, just because you stay home, does not mean you don’t celebrate. Flowers, candles, a nice dinner and some wine will be far more intimate and romantic, not to mention far less expensive. Get creative with it! You can get some great ideas online for different ways to make Valentine’s Day special.

If, after weighing out your options, you are still hell bent on going out for Valentine’s Day, my best advice is to go as early as possible. The lines will be their shortest prior to 6pm.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxoxo