GUYS: This One’s For You. Top 10 Valentine’s Day DON’TS



Guys, you mean well, you really do. Pay attention to this list of “Valentine’s Don’ts”. Both you and your sweetie will be glad you did! Though numbered, this list of “don’ts” is in no particular order. They are all equally bad ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. You’ve asked your sweetie what they would like for Valentine’s Day and they replied, “nothing”. DON’T listen to them. Everybody wants at least a little something to feel special on the day.
  2. DON’T buy a Valentine’s Day card that refers to farts, or any other bodily function. Save those types of cards for your buddies birthday. If you are going the card route, it needs to be at least a cute card. A more serious, “I love you” card is the best option.
  3. DON’T buy a 99 cents card. The price is on the back of the card and she will know by the quality of the card anyway.
  4. DON’T choose carnations and/or daisies (unless she has made it quite clear she loves those flowers) if you are buying her a bouquet.of flowers. Women know these are the cheapest flowers you can buy and you DON’T want the flowers to be thrown back in your face.
  5. DON’T buy the same gift for your girl that you bought for your mom. The 2 for 1 sales are tempting, but this is one time to pass them up. Women like to feel, special, one-of-a-kind so matching anythings are a definite no-no.
  6. DON’T buy those “Peace Lilly’s” offered in grocery stores. They are appropriate when someone dies, not as a Valentine’s gift.
  7. DON’T be late. No matter what the excuse is, she will feel unappreciated if your gift is a day late.
  8. DON’T go overboard. Sounds strange, right? Unless you want the pressure of having to “one up” yourself every year. Pace yourself. A lady would much rather have several smaller “I love you” prezzies throughout the year than some huge deal on Valentine’s day.
  9. DON’T send an edible fruit arrangement (sorry edible food arrangers). Skewers of fruit, masqueraded as a bunch of flowers is a) not romantic and b) may be mistaken as you saying she’s too fat for chocolate.
  10. DON’T DON’T DON’T buy her sexy lingerie. Let’s face it, that’s a gift for YOU, not for her.

There you have it gentlemen. (And ladies, feel free to print this out and stick it on the fridge.)

The secret to a successful Valentine’s Day gift is creativity. A box of crayons, some construction paper and glue are all you need to make a one of a kind card she will keep forever. (Just don’t forget the chocolates and flowers). xoxo