President Obama – Does he not have something better to do?



This photo was taken yesterday, or a few days before that, or a few days before that. Seriously. President Obama has been to Miami at least 3 times in as many weeks. Doesn’t he have a country to run???

Yesterday, our President was in town for two fundraising events. One was held at the home of former Miami Heat star, Alonzo Mourning  and the other at the home of Lili Estafan, niece of Gloria Estafan, 

People attending paid as much as $32,000 a plate. That’s hard to swallow (pun intended) no matter who you are! It seems Miami’s elite have more money than sense. Obama raised $2 million during his brief stay in our fine city. I guess now I understand why he keeps coming here.

The almighty dollar.

Money takes precedence over everything else. The funds were raised for mid-term elections. Does our President not have anything better to do? There are lots of major concerns going on in the world right now. It seems we are paying more attention than he is.

President Obama spoke about equal pay, more jobs, blah blah. He said the same things he said to get elected. Change the record already. We know he and his team are not going to make good on campaign promises.

I truly hope, for the good of our country, at the next general election, we choose a President who speaks the truth and knows how to prioritize.