Team USA Women’s Hockey: The Gold Medal was theirs to lose…




and they did.

A physical game today but Team USA lead for the entire game. With 3 1/2 minutes to go, and Canada desperate to win, they scored. Crap. With less than one minute to go, Canada scores again. CRAP!

The game went into overtime, with up to 20 minutes of play. The first team to score won the game and the gold medal. Team Canada struck again!

Canada wins the GOLD! Team USA wins SILVER and that is nothing to sneeze at. Quite an accomplishment for both teams!

It is kind of odd that so many times, in the Olympics and in life, the two are referred to as Canadians and Americans. A quick geography lesson folks…we are ALL Americans. In fact, we are all North Americans! How great is it that the Olympic 2014 Gold Metal match up came down to both North American teams?

While personally, I would have preferred Team USA to take the Gold, if it had to be another team, I can think of none better than Team Canada.

Congratulations ladies! I hope you all get together and celebrate tonight! You have so much to be proud of.

For the rest of us, the Canada vs.USA hockey competition is far from over. Tomorrow, it’s time for the men to have a go. Once again, Team USA vs. Team Canada. This is NOT a medal game so whoever loses is out of contention. Sorry Canada, I’ve got to pull for my fellas tomorrow!