My Unintentional Blog Turned In To A Must Read.



Unfortunately, the stats show that my blog series called, “Letters from Russia” are proving unpopular with my readers. I understand why. I realize that many people are not concerned with that part of the world and have written Russia off a long time ago. I remember during the Reagan years when each country “knew” the other had their finger on the red button, ready to fire off nukes at a moments notice.

Instead, everything changed. The USSR crumbled, Russia and its neighboring countries left each other alone, while each country tried to make its way through a new, independent way of life. People were encouraged to think for themselves and many grew to love freedom and independence. Finally, the stress we all felt from that part of the world was all but gone.

But all of that has changed now.

Russia’s leader, President Vladimir Putin despises the west, equating it (us) as living in anarchy. This belief is what drives him. He cannot abide by the idea that those countries that border Russia being westernized and pulling further away from Russia. First the Crimea, now, various areas in Ukraine have apparently been taken over by Russian people paid to create major disturbances. In those areas, the Ukraine flag has been taken down and the Russian flag has been erected. Couple this with the continuing and rising unrest on the south and east borders of Ukraine and it appears Putin and Russian officials were lying about moving in to other areas of Ukraine.

Who cares? We ALL should.

If Putin continues taking over areas outside of Russia, the international community will have to get much more heavily involved. President Obama is going to have to do FAR more than he is doing now, which is next to nothing. Most of us were not yet born during WWII, but we know it began with HItler first only wanting Czechoslovakia, then more and more. The question is, does Putin hate (fear) the west so much that he would go back on his word? I believe the answer is yes. He took Crimea with practically no international interference. A few sanctions here and there. Whoop-de-doo. It would be easy enough for him to create disturbances in Ukraine and take them over again, to use his excuse, “to protect Russian speaking citizens”.

The only real risk he would be taking and would be blissfully unaware of is that Russian citizens are not ignorant. They have access to news from around the world. Still, it’s difficult for them to believe anything that shows Russia in a bad light. It is their way to love their homeland and believe in it wholeheartedly. Still, Russians will certainly remember Putin’s promise that he does not want anything from Ukraine (except what he’s already successfully taken). If he takes it further, he will create doubt in the minds of many Russian citizens.

My dear young friend who I have been writing about in my blog series, “Letters from Russia”, contacted me at 1:00am her time, very scared and confused. She desperately wants to know the truth. In her words, “my mind is blown and I don’t know what to believe”. I reassured her at least for now, so she could sleep (they are 13 hrs. ahead of us). I told her it appeared to be localized right now and no big moves have been made yet. I promised her I would continue to research this and she will awake with contact from me regarding the latest news.

The point I am trying to make here is that this is not just about governments and territories. These situations never are. It’s about people, nations of people who are largely left in the dark and worse, lied to.

I am worried about my friend. And she is just one of many. Imagine living in a country where freedom is non-existent. A country where you must subscribe to everything your government says or in my friends words, “you must hide because it is not safe for you”.

I’m going to sign off for now. I have more research to do for my friend. If this situation matters to you, I encourage to reach out to Russian and/or Ukrainian people. Attempt to bridge the gap that our governments have failed miserably at. If I can do it, anyone can.

Talk to you again soon! xoxo


Blog Series: “Letters from Russia” Chapter 3*



I cannot understand why every human being on this planet does not want world peace. Why? WHY??

I still have much to share from my friend, Jessica Cher. We have committed to each other to not give up. It’s difficult at times, though, for both of us. The information she receives from her government almost always directly contradicts the information I give her. And though she has access to news outside of Russia, she has been brought up, as most Russians have, that Mother Russia loves you and is a part of you. You are taught to believe in the motherland above all others. We have resolved our issues by both believing we can support and love our respective countries and not support our governments. It is my opinion that President Obama has no clue whatsoever what to do outside the borders of this country, therefore, he does nothing. It is also my belief that President Putin rules with an iron fist for one reason, fear. People fear what they do not understand. Putin does not understand being Westernized and he will not stand for it in his country or on its borders.

Border countries have much to be concerned about right now and concerned they are.

Still, Jessica Cher and I persevere.

*I am changing the format slightly. Copy/pasting each conversation takes an incredible amount of time. Some conversations will be condensed though it’s integrity will not be compromised. You will also no longer see quotation marks. The comments made are direct quotes nonetheless. Hopefully, these changes will make it a more pleasant read.

So we pick up right where we left off in Chapter Two.

Jessica Cher: Have you seen those reports how happy people of Crimea now? They are happy that now they live in they motherland.

Me: I am sure there are lots of Russian citizens who are very happy about it. But the way Russia too Crimea is illegal and wrong. Putin has stated clearly that he does not want to take Ukraine. We don’t believe it. Do you?

Jessica Cher: We don’t need Ukraine 100%

Me: I soooo wish you could come to Miami for a visit.

Jessica Cher: Ahah fast friends! I’d love to come;).

Me: It is such a cool city! I’m from SC and moved to Miami 2 years ago to get married. I love it here! Always summer!

Jessica Cher: Sooo cool! It’s 4 degrees outside now. The whole world is scared of Russia right?

Me: Yes, I think so. Our leaders would never admit it but I believe it is the truth. However, we saw all nations getting along at the Olympics.

Jessica Cher:Btw did you like Olympics in Sochi?

Me: Love love love the Olympics! Especially the figure skating and the hockey. Damn Canadians. Lol!

Jessica Cher: Haha don’t want to sound rude but Russians don’t like Americans after that game on Olympics when our goal wasn’t counted. But it’s ok now, we calmed down:))

Me: Oh I know. Wasn’t that game incredible? Haha I must go to bed now. Let’s talk again soon? Just let me know when you have some time!

Jessica Cher: Ninight<3

Me: G’Nite! Talk again soon?!?

Jessica Cher: Yeah for sure!

Me: kk Good night from the USA!

I will stop here for now. You may have picked up on a pattern. Whenever she or I pick up on the fact that we may be insulting the other, we quickly change the subject. The object here is never to fight. What would be the point? The object is to show that we can work through our differences and remain friends.

In the coming chapters, you will see this more clearly.

Talk to you soon! xoxo



Thank You Russia – Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics bids Farewell



I wrote at the beginning of the 2014 Olympics that I did not think I could do it. I did not think I could enjoy the 2014 games particularly because of its location, Russia. I was wrong.

I stand corrected.

Excusing the hotel conditions, as well as some Olympic practicing areas, it is very clear that Russia truly took the responsibility of hosting these winter games seriously. I had to remind myself, they are not American and I am not Russian. So to expect things to be done in a particularly certain way, was ignorant on my part.

I was very nervous for the USA Olympians especially, given the USA’s history with Russia. I needn’t have worried. Truthfully, I did not worry for long. Sochi, Russia went out of it’s way…in a BIG WAY to make all countries participants feel welcomed. And ended it with a sense of humor that made me inexplicably happy.


And now, as I watch the closing ceremony (while I write this to you), I see such heart in the Russian Olympians and spectators alike. I am moved to tears in a way that I think only people of around my age and older would be. I remember the old USSR. I remember being a teen and terrified Russia was going to obliterate our country. I remember having a hard time falling asleep some nights. Fast forward 20 years and while we may not be all warm and fuzzy politically, we have come together for these Olympic games as one human spirit.


The Olympics are a world-wide competition; a finale of sorts, proving each country’s best.  I also see people, from all walks of life…coming together. They smile and laugh together, even if they are unsure of what is being said. It has been a wonderful sight to see.


I have thoroughly enjoyed it all. And I hope you have too. I watched far more of this years Olympics than ever before because it was truly engaging. It was amazing to see our countrymen in a part of the world that, at one time, it was impossible to believe we would ever be welcomed in. I almost feel as though I know the athletes. So much was shared about their stories. It made winning (and losing) that much more personal.


I am so glad I gave these Olympics a chance. I hope and pray that as these Olympics come to a close, leaders around the world have taken notice as to just how affective we can be if we just work together.

Thank you Russia, for a fantastic 2 weeks. I have enjoyed every minute of it…even if it was only from my sofa in sunny Miami.

Sochi 2014 – Olympic Inspiration – Find yours here!



It’s winter. It’s cold, if not snowing in many places. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the South, winter can be a dismal, depressing time for so many. And yet, there are a many people who love, in fact, thrive in the winter months. The most obvious place to see this is, of course, the winter Olympics. This year, held in Sochi, Russia, the Olympic spirit is both seen and felt through the cold.

Being a Miami gal, that is very impressive to me! If the temps drop below 75 degrees, I’m suiting up ready for a blizzard. No joke. Not so, for some true Southerners:


The good news is, this year, if you have the winter blues, it’s not hard to find real inspiration by taking a look at this year’s Olympics. On each one of the competitor’s faces you see sheer determination. Knowing these people have worked relentlessly, night and day, year after year, to perfect their craft is incredibly inspiring. Imagine if we all could apply that kind of unwavering commitment to our own lives? Inspiration to do more, to be more, to leave a positive mark on this world is never more evident than watching countries around the world, coming together to compete in friendly games. It is truly inspiring on a global scale.


Watching these amazing athletes compete is inspiration enough. But we also get a look into their lives. We see their journey with all of the ups and downs that got them to this amazing career climax.


They are not programmed machines. They are people, just like you and I. The difference is they are of single mind. They have sacrificed everything to be the best; to represent their country to the best of their ability. Almost sadly, not everyone wins. Some are beaten, others injured and for still others, life happens and cuts their dreams short. Still they continue to persevere.


Right now, and through the weekend, inspiration is everywhere. If you have the winter blues, submerge yourself in these games. Get to know the sports, the competitors and read/watch their unique stories. I guarantee you will be inspired.


Granted, we cannot all be Olympic athletes, but we can push ourselves further. Inspiration is contagious. If we are inspired, others will be inspired by us.


Each and every countries participants, whether big or small, all share a special hunger that continually propels them forward, win or lose. I want to adopt that kind of not “can do” attitude, but “must do” attitude. The hills and valleys of these athletes are not so different from our own in everyday life. But the manner in which those highs and lows are handled is wildly different. We tend to be easily defeated and therefore, do not want to continue to try. We become uninspired and when that happens, that child inside each one of us stops dreaming. We mustn’t stop dreaming!


Merely having the Olympics in Russia, Russia of all places, is inspiring. It wasn’t that many years ago, the USA boycotted the Olympics. We have all truly come a long way. There is still more to do. And just as these Olympic athletes do not quit, nor can we.


We owe it to our countries, our families, ourselves to commit with determination to leave a positive legacy in this world. We must stay inspired. And when that inspiration seems to be lost, reflect on these 2014 Winter Olympics. Review the limitless photos and read up on stories of the countries and athletes involved. Inspiration will surely return.


Thank you, 2014 Olympians, for reminding us this world is bigger than we are. For working so hard to represent your country to the best of your efforts. Thank you for inspiring us, both young and old.

Congratulations to you all for your incredible performances in Sochi.

I cannot wait to see what you do next!

Team USA Women’s Hockey: The Gold Medal was theirs to lose…




and they did.

A physical game today but Team USA lead for the entire game. With 3 1/2 minutes to go, and Canada desperate to win, they scored. Crap. With less than one minute to go, Canada scores again. CRAP!

The game went into overtime, with up to 20 minutes of play. The first team to score won the game and the gold medal. Team Canada struck again!

Canada wins the GOLD! Team USA wins SILVER and that is nothing to sneeze at. Quite an accomplishment for both teams!

It is kind of odd that so many times, in the Olympics and in life, the two are referred to as Canadians and Americans. A quick geography lesson folks…we are ALL Americans. In fact, we are all North Americans! How great is it that the Olympic 2014 Gold Metal match up came down to both North American teams?

While personally, I would have preferred Team USA to take the Gold, if it had to be another team, I can think of none better than Team Canada.

Congratulations ladies! I hope you all get together and celebrate tonight! You have so much to be proud of.

For the rest of us, the Canada vs.USA hockey competition is far from over. Tomorrow, it’s time for the men to have a go. Once again, Team USA vs. Team Canada. This is NOT a medal game so whoever loses is out of contention. Sorry Canada, I’ve got to pull for my fellas tomorrow!


I’m SO Jacked! Sochi 2014 Quarter Finals Hockey Game Tomorrow – USA vs. Czech Repubic



Meet the newest ice hockey fan….ME! Now, don’t cringe to much, fellas but outside the Olympics, I’m backing whatever team TJ Oshie plays on. #eyecandy


All kidding aside, the game between the Czech Republic and Slovakia captured my interest today. For much of the game, the Czech Republic dominated. Then, almost unbelievably, Slovakia scored 2 goals, one right after the other. In the end, the Czech Republic was victorious. This was an important game because the winner plays the USA tomorrow.

12:00pm EST – I’m soooo in!


I hope the game is exciting, but I could do without the nail biter of their last game against Russia. Time will tell.

I originally said that I could not get into the Olympics because of its location. However, I am completely over that. I have thoroughly  enjoyed watching the winter games and pulling for TeamUSA!

Tomorrow will be no different. I look forward to hanging out with you guys on twitter. You can find me here: @kazroxx But, for now, my cushy bed is calling my name. See you tomorrow.



Sochi 2014: Bode Miller May Not Blame His Emotional Breakdown On The Interviewer, BUT I DO!



Bode Miller has made a statement to the press that he does not blame interviewer, Christin Cooper for his emotional breakdown during an interview immediately following his Bronze Medal Win in super-G, What a truly sweet guy, but he is SO wrong.

Bode Miller, who is an Olympian for Team USA, has earned more medals in Alpine Skiing than any other in U.S. History. He lost his brother, Chelone Miller, a snowboarder, less than one year ago and the two were extremely close. Miller, made it clear days ago via Twitter that his brother was in the forefront of his mind. The night before his run, he tweeted, “…I miss my brother.”

That said, on the day, Bode Miller skied his a$$ off! It was truly amazing to watch. If you missed it, you’ve GOT check it out on-line. It was an impressive run with obvious sheer determination that took Bode to a Bronze Medal.

Both Bode, and the media, are trying to give Christin Cooper a pass. Comments are swirling around the web, including from Bode himself. “She did not do it on purpose”, “she used to ski and now she’s a journalist”, blah blah, excuses, excuses, give me a damn break!  Common sense 101 tells us, if we bring up a subject to someone and they are clearly adversely affected by it, we move on to the next subject in order to not cause further pain and stress. I’m not a journalist, and even I know that.


It equates to walking up to a child who just fell off his bike and he’s fighting back tears. Parents learn pretty quickly if they continually ask they child if they are ok, it’s like poking a bear. Eventually, he’s going to lose it. That is exactly what happened in the interview.

Cooper was well aware that even mentioning Bode’s brother was grounds for him to get upset. She did it anyway. Bode Miller tried to hold it together but this chick just would not let up. She kept “poking the bear” until he finally lost it, leaving Bode in an emotional breakdown so strong, he was no longer able to speak. He was a wreck. It was ridiculous.

If those of us, “non-journalists” could clearly see Cooper needed to change the subject, perhaps to his undisputed record, or having just won a Bronze medal for Team USA, then there is no doubt in my mind Cooper knew exactly what she was doing. Either that, or she has absolutely no business with a microphone in her hand.

While it is a journalist’s job to ask the difficult questions, Cooper’s persisting in talking about Bode’s brother was, at it’s best, inappropriate, and at it’s worse, negative journalism on a global scale. Cooper needs to be given her pinks and sent on her merry way. I feel certain she could get a job on one of those daytime talk shows where they throw chairs at each other.

Congratulations Bode Miller, on a well deserved Bronze Medal. Thank you for so positively representing our country. And may your grief, in time, become more manageable. Your country loves and respects you. xoxo