Blog Series: “Letters from Russia” Chapter 3*



I cannot understand why every human being on this planet does not want world peace. Why? WHY??

I still have much to share from my friend, Jessica Cher. We have committed to each other to not give up. It’s difficult at times, though, for both of us. The information she receives from her government almost always directly contradicts the information I give her. And though she has access to news outside of Russia, she has been brought up, as most Russians have, that Mother Russia loves you and is a part of you. You are taught to believe in the motherland above all others. We have resolved our issues by both believing we can support and love our respective countries and not support our governments. It is my opinion that President Obama has no clue whatsoever what to do outside the borders of this country, therefore, he does nothing. It is also my belief that President Putin rules with an iron fist for one reason, fear. People fear what they do not understand. Putin does not understand being Westernized and he will not stand for it in his country or on its borders.

Border countries have much to be concerned about right now and concerned they are.

Still, Jessica Cher and I persevere.

*I am changing the format slightly. Copy/pasting each conversation takes an incredible amount of time. Some conversations will be condensed though it’s integrity will not be compromised. You will also no longer see quotation marks. The comments made are direct quotes nonetheless. Hopefully, these changes will make it a more pleasant read.

So we pick up right where we left off in Chapter Two.

Jessica Cher: Have you seen those reports how happy people of Crimea now? They are happy that now they live in they motherland.

Me: I am sure there are lots of Russian citizens who are very happy about it. But the way Russia too Crimea is illegal and wrong. Putin has stated clearly that he does not want to take Ukraine. We don’t believe it. Do you?

Jessica Cher: We don’t need Ukraine 100%

Me: I soooo wish you could come to Miami for a visit.

Jessica Cher: Ahah fast friends! I’d love to come;).

Me: It is such a cool city! I’m from SC and moved to Miami 2 years ago to get married. I love it here! Always summer!

Jessica Cher: Sooo cool! It’s 4 degrees outside now. The whole world is scared of Russia right?

Me: Yes, I think so. Our leaders would never admit it but I believe it is the truth. However, we saw all nations getting along at the Olympics.

Jessica Cher:Btw did you like Olympics in Sochi?

Me: Love love love the Olympics! Especially the figure skating and the hockey. Damn Canadians. Lol!

Jessica Cher: Haha don’t want to sound rude but Russians don’t like Americans after that game on Olympics when our goal wasn’t counted. But it’s ok now, we calmed down:))

Me: Oh I know. Wasn’t that game incredible? Haha I must go to bed now. Let’s talk again soon? Just let me know when you have some time!

Jessica Cher: Ninight<3

Me: G’Nite! Talk again soon?!?

Jessica Cher: Yeah for sure!

Me: kk Good night from the USA!

I will stop here for now. You may have picked up on a pattern. Whenever she or I pick up on the fact that we may be insulting the other, we quickly change the subject. The object here is never to fight. What would be the point? The object is to show that we can work through our differences and remain friends.

In the coming chapters, you will see this more clearly.

Talk to you soon! xoxo




Dear Dedicated Followers


I definitely spent more time looking through tons of images that encompass the followers to my blog than I did actually writing this blog.. First, I came up with this one:


But I immediately thought, “BORING”. We may be a lot of things, but boring, we are not. So, I continued my search. I considered zombies, but then I remembered I’m an adult. So I stopped looking and started thinking. What do the followers of my blog represent to me? Then it hit me!


Diamonds! While I may not know you personally, I know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Just as no two people are the alike, the same is true for diamonds. Beautiful, interesting, complex and admirable. Diamonds. The perfect way to describe my blog followers and guests.

I touched on it briefly a couple of days ago, that I have been in hospital. I am home today but, as you can imagine, I’m a gigantic, hot mess! Even so, I still wanted to send you something brief to explain the irregularity of my posts. I also want to convey to you how much I admire and appreciate you sticking with me.

Look for more posts coming soon. Funny stuff to share with you!

Talk to you soon! xoxo

Why am I never enough?


I don’t mean with anyone specifically. I mean in general. Why am I never enough? My whole life, words of me not being enough or me being “too” something have been said to me. I am old enough now and have learned skills to push that negativity out of my head. But, you know, sometimes, the opinions, the judgements and the preconceived notions of who I am and who I ought to be, weigh me down so much I want to just scream: IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT (ME), KISS MY A$$!

Words DO hurt.

They get under your skin and if are not careful, I could become exactly what others accuse me of being. And so much of it is contradictory. Icouldn’t please everyone even if I tried. I stopped trying long, long ago. Still, those words, those damn pigeon-hole words can still get the best of me:

  • She’s too loud.
  • She never talks.
  • She talks too much.
  • She’s too short.
  • She’s too fat.
  • She’s too friendly.
  • She’s not friendly enough.
  • She’s too opinionated.
  • She’s too crazy.
  • She never does this.
  • She always does this.

I could literally go crazy trying to be what everyone else thinks I should be. But, the honest truth is, I am not the least bit interested in changing a single thing about me. I like who I am. And it’s more than that, I’m proud of who I am. I am aware that I am different than most women at my age and stage of life and I love that about myself.

People make assumptions about me without getting to know me. I always enter relationships with an open mind. Another thing I’m proud of, considering so many of my relationships have not been as strong as they should be or have not lasted. How dare anyone judge me when they know nothing about me? Then again judgements about me are not my problem or even business. They do become my business when those judgements could impact my life.

Why can’t people be happy within themselves and want happiness for others? Is it really necessary for anyone to talk down about anyone else? Here it is in a nutshell: If anyone feels my name coming to the tip of their tongue, and what is to follow is not genuinely kind, they should keep it to themselves.

My lifes worth is not measured about what anyone thinks of me. I really do know this. I just have to keep reminding myself of that from time to time.

Please forgive any typos. This is being posted raw, because that’s how I want to write tonight.

Doped Up And Ready To Go!


You may or may not have read a blog a wrote a couple of weeks ago regarding the fiasco involved in filling prescriptions in my city, Miami. After 1.5 years of living in this city, the problem has been solved and therefore the stress of that nightmare is finally GONE..


Upon switching to a different physician, my life has begun to change. I finally found a great doctor with a big heart. This was evident when I saw information about him in Haiti, taking care of  people who desperately needed medical care. Amazing. .

Between him and a fabulous pharmacist I found in one of the hospitals here, I have been given hope. I am now very thankfully receiving small town care in a huge city.

I also now have a fantastic Pain Management Doctor (he’s actually an anesthesiologist) who fully understands me and my symptoms. While we established there is no medicine that can cure me, we both agreed the goal was to get me out of as much pain as possible around the clock. Woo hoo!  No more driving all over Miami and being made to feel like some sort of addict.

So, as I am finally on the road to relief, my stories to you will undoubtedly change. Throw everything you have grown to know about blogs out the window. I am not going to be focused on a particular group of people or a particular subject. My goal with my blog is to make it interactive. Dialog is so important in this fast paced world. Ultimately, all we have is each other. What is going to make this blog different and great is you! I will open up the conversation with my views and experiences and invite you to comment. Who knows? We might even be able to figure out a thing or two.

Let’s keep the conversations clean. No name calling allowed. But differing opinions, especially with facts to back you up will be greatly appreciated. I’m a South Carolina gal through and through who is enjoying the Miami lifestyle. My stories, like life in general will flip-flop from day to day. Some of the more popular topics will be revisited. The topics that ignite crickets, not so much.

I truly want to know what you would like to talk about. Don’t be shy. No topic will be avoided. I will gladly share my views on any subject I’m equipped to do so. Hell, I might even talk about so things I know nothing about so you can enlighten me. The floor is WIDE OPEN!

Don’t try this at home…from everything I’ve read, this is NOT the right way to write a blog….which is exactly the point.

This Carolina Flip Flopper is ready to go! Talk to you again soon! xoxo