English is not always English. Check it out!


Well, it is, but it isn’t. If you’ve ever made a visit across the pond, or, like me, lived there, you know there is British-English and American-English. For those of you who have never been or are planning to go, here’s some words that do not mean the same thing in the England as they do in the USA. No doubt, you will know some of these. But you should see a few surprises as well!

The first word you see will be the American use of the word. The second is the British use.


  • truck/lorry
  • fries/chips
  • chips/crisps
  • 2 weeks/fortnight
  • 2 doors down/next door but one
  • gas/petrol
  • beer/lager
  • egg salad/egg mayonaisse
  • cookies/biscuits
  • TV/telly
  • cup of hot tea/cuppa
  • buggy/trolly
  • buck/quid
  • unemployment/dole
  • stroller/pram
  • diaper/nappy
  • faucet/tap
  • Santa Claus/Father Christmas
  • stairs/apples and pears
  • leftovers/bubble and squeak
  • soccer/football
  • football/ n/a
  • crush/fancy
  • rain boots/wellies
  • trash can/dust bin
  • shag/…..
  • sofa/settee
  • sprite/lemonade
  • closet/wardrobe
  • bathroom/bog
  • dumpster/skip
  • President/Prime Minister
  • yard/garden

It took me quite some time of my 5 years living in England to learn these. They also spell many words differently than we do. Another blog, another day.

#1 tip about visiting England: Go in the SUMMER. I know it costs more, but the weather is so much better, it’s worth a few extra bucks.

Bonus tip: Give yourself AT LEAST 10 days to visit (not including travel). Jet lag is terrible going to England (you lose 8+ hours) and not so bad coming back (you gain the same amount of hours).

Extra Bonus tip: Don’t ONLY visit London. You don’t want to miss it, BUT the countryside is “greeting card” beautiful and the whole country is full of history. Take it all in!

I will never live there again BUT I cannot wait to go back and visit for a while!

Talk to you again soon! xoxo