Blog Series: Letters from Russia – Introduction


I am reblogging this post, in case missed this the first time. It’s important to read this introduction prior to reading my blog series, “Letter from Russia”. You will understand the conversations better if you know why they happened. I am working on my first in the series now. xoxo


Does anyone remember this video? It was so long ago…17 years old in fact. I remember seeing it live and when I need a giggle, or a warm fuzzy, I still keep this video at hand. Take a look.

Things are so different now.

With all that has transpired in Russia recently, many news outlets have been reporting daily with updates. Russia vs. Ukraine with Crimea being the prize, has taken center stage as a worldwide concern. I know that many people here, in the USA do not particularly care about the activities in that region of the world right now. But it is important.

I have always said our nation’s security is our #1 issue because without it, nothing else matters. With this in mind, I have made it my business to read and study about the current situation regarding Russia, as well as its history. I have learned…

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