Blog Series: Letters from Russia – Introduction


Does anyone remember this video? It was so long ago…17 years old in fact. I remember seeing it live and when I need a giggle, or a warm fuzzy, I still keep this video at hand. Take a look.

Things are so different now.

With all that has transpired in Russia recently, many news outlets have been reporting daily with updates. Russia vs. Ukraine with Crimea being the prize, has taken center stage as a worldwide concern. I know that many people here, in the USA do not particularly care about the activities in that region of the world right now. But it is important.

I have always said our nation’s security is our #1 issue because without it, nothing else matters. With this in mind, I have made it my business to read and study about the current situation regarding Russia, as well as its history. I have learned a lot. My greatest resource has not been from watching the news or reading the paper.

My understanding of Russia has come to me quite by chance and it nearly did not happen at all. I commented on an article I read in social media, and someone replied, challenging my statement. She was quite snippy with her remark and I answered back equally snippy. I wondered who this person was and realized she was from and still lived in Russia.

In an instant, it occurred to me, with the power of internet and social media, we can connect to the world like never before. Couple that, with watching our governments continually clashing, why not then, should the people attempt to bridge the gap between us? Even if it is only one person at a time,

After all, ignorance leads to fear. Just as education leads to understanding. Fear + ego = global unrest. We are seeing this over and over again, all over the world.

So, even though she and I were a bit snotty to one another at first, I asked her if we could talk further. I wanted to know her story and, as it turns out she wanted to know mine. We have become fast friends. She is a lovely young lady. She is well-educated. She is curious. She wants to know the truth and has no problem expressing herself. Though we have only known each other a short time, I have grown to care deeply for her and applaud her for entertaining opinions that differ so much for her own. We talk daily and they are good, productive conversations.

I know I will probably never get the opportunity to meet her face-to-face. But that does not mean our friendship is any less. It is incredibly interesting and sometimes a little sad that her opinions are so strong. But she is open. She’s no dummy. In fact, she’s really wonderful.

She and I will continue to talk. We will ask questions of each other and offer opinions. With her consent, I will share much of our conversations with you via my blog. Her only condition was that I not report Russia in a negative light. I also assured her that I would not divulge her identity. I would be crushed if our friendship ended because of this. Plus, I must make sure I keep her safe.

And so, I will be writing a blog series titled, “Letters from Russia”. Each conversation/blog will be numbered, much like a book. Consider this blog entry as the introduction to the “book”. Following this will be Chapter 1, then Chapter 2…you get the idea. What you will see is the genuine dedication of two friends learning and understanding each others world.  You will have a better understanding of both of us as the story unfolds.

PLEASE: If there is anything specific you would like me to ask her, just add it to the comments.

This will not be the only subject I will be writing about. I will continue to write about the same types of things I have blogged about in the past. I’m thinking I will write this blog series once a week, depending upon your interest. I really hope that even if you feel this would not be the right blog for you to follow, just give it a chance. We cannot fix our governments, but we can help each other to a better understanding. Hopefully it will be contagious.

Stay tuned for Chapter One, “Letters From Russia” very soon.

Enjoy your weekend! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Blog Series: Letters from Russia – Introduction

  1. Reblogged this on heartsnlaughs and commented:

    I am reblogging this post, in case missed this the first time. It’s important to read this introduction prior to reading my blog series, “Letter from Russia”. You will understand the conversations better if you know why they happened. I am working on my first in the series now. xoxo


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