Real Housewives of Atlanta – UPDATE! I’m Famous LOL.


better with a smileThis has been me the last few days. Well, I haven’t even looked that good!

I apologize for my absence. Some things have come up that have monopolized my time. I hope to be able to write about it soon. I will definitely keep you posted.

So, here’s the big news….remember I told you I got caught up in a twitter war? Well, guess what? That same tweet was featured on Bravo TV’s website! Yes, yes, thank you, thank you. I was thrilled to have my 15.5 minutes of fame! (It’s funny but it’s kinda true.) Check it out people:


Karen Jennings…yep, that would be me. I’m not going to lie. I was totally thrilled! One of my friends saw it and contacted me, otherwise I would have never known. *Insert happy dance here*. Ok, so maybe it does not take much to make my day. (Remember this during my birthday.)

Now then…

We have all had time to cool down after the whole Kenya/Apollo debacle. Has anyone’s opinion changed? On its face, my opinion with anyone (including Kenya and Apollo) is simply this. Single people don’t owe anyone anything. It is not their problem if the person they are talking to is married or single. Married people DO owe someone something. They owe their spouse/partner to be trustworthy, loyal and honest. Let’s face it, if Apollo was a trustworthy person, there would be no problem. So ladies, stop going at each others throats and call out the person that made vows with you under oath.

I’m sure we will see more of this on Sunday night. I will certainly be watching.

In the meantime, I am working on a series of blogs that I believe you will find insightful and interesting. It is a truly important subject but I am asking permission from someone who is involved before I start writing it.

Please watch for the series coming up. It’s a humanitarian issue from a unique perspective.

I will also be writing on reality tv and current events as things peak my interest. One thing I can promise you is that I will not write anything that my heart is not in to. I can’t. The words don’t come…

Talk to you again soon! xoxo


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