PART TWO: Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!


Comments are STILL pouring in to me via Twitter about Sunday night’s episode of, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”. It used to be that Ms. Nene Leakes was the star of the show. But now, Bravo TV has Ms. Kenya Moore to thank for bringing in the viewers.

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If you have not already done so, please read part one of this blog simply called, “Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!” (Note: It does not say Part 1.)

Based on the comments I am receiving, people are very polarized on this story. People either love Kenya or hate her, with not too much in between. In the ongoing discussion on twitter, I’m receiving either this type of comment (“Kenya is spiteful”, “she is beautiful but beautiful can be pretty ugly also”, “…it is all fake! Phaedra needs to kick her a$$!!”, or the opposite type of comment:, Phaedra needs to grow up, shes making herself look very insecure”, “fine for Kenya to want to talk to Apollo, but Apollo should have said no without his wife”, “Kenya went with Lawrence…check ur husbands if ur worried.

As I stated in my last blog, I do not see a problem with what Kenya did or the manner in which she did it. I feel like Kenya was friendly because being a b*tch with Apollo has not worked in the past. They were literally sitting one table over from the husbands and there were other patrons, staff, film crew and cameras everywhere to document exactly what happened.

Many people are saying Kenya should have talked to either Phaedra alone or to Apollo and Phaedra at the same time. I totally disagree with this and here is why. Kenya has tried to talk to Phaedra alone in the past. Phaedra shuts down completely. I don’t believe the two ladies are friends, nor do I believe EITHER OF THEM respects the other. Why should Kenya keep trying to talk to Phaedra when she is never respected enough from Phaedra to even answer?

I believe my twitter friend, @brownroyyal had it right when he said Kenya did not have the right “training” at home. Kenya had no mother growing up and missed out on so much only a mom can teach. Empathy for other women is one of those things. I will agree that Kenya does start her share of trouble. But I do not believe she always does it on purpose. She does not know how to trust others and almost never lets her guard down. This means no one can “get in”.

Kenya has said in past episodes that she was not treated well growing up. This is evident in her inability to create deep, meaningful relationships with anyone. On this episode, we finally saw a little bit of the real Kenya when she took the ladies to the fertility person? guru? (whatever his title is). She was clearly emotional and it was real. She has a longing for a baby to bond with. She is a fragile woman who, thankfully, has the deep desire to love another unconditionally. She was so brave to share that, not only with the ladies, but to all of us watching.

3 observations:

1. The fact that this urge is so strong, means Kenya is not a lost cause. If she is fortunate enough to become a mother, we will all see a huge transformation in Kenya, for the good.

2. When Kenya finally opened up and got real, it was so tender and lovely to see. Nene rolling her eyes is an example of the reasons Kenya keeps her walls up. Nene, bad form, low class. Practice what you preach.

3. It’s sad and disappointing to me to see how bitter and distrustful so many women have demonstrated in their comments. Women have enough obstacles in this world, without us turning on our own. Ladies, lets support and encourage each other, whether we agree with each other or not.

Talk to you again soon! xoxo

What are your feelings about this? It is 3:30pm in Miami and I am still receiving comments about this situation on Twitter.


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