Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!


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Before I start, there is one thing we can all agree on. Kenya Moore is a strikingly beautiful woman. She has a kind of exotic look about her. Any man with a pulse would do a double take as she passed by. Her beauty and strength of character could be and is a turn off for some women. Why? From the MASSES of tweets I received following the show, it’s because those women are insecure about themselves and the relationships they are in.

On last night’s episode of RHOA, Kenya planned a couples trip to Mexico. This was planned on the heels of a Charity function Kenya arranged which turned into a disaster and the “Bailey Bowl”, also a disaster. Nonetheless, Kenya said she wanted to “extend the olive branch” to the ladies to try to patch up their ups and downs friendship.


In last night’s episode, the husbands were hanging out in the cigar bar. Kenya came in and joined the men for a cigar. Where were the other ladies? No idea but they were not there. She and the men were having a good time just talking to one another. Kenya ordered a couple of rounds of shots of tequila. Many call alcohol, truth serum and, if nothing else, a couple of shots would loosen everyone up. I am sure Kenya had this in mind when she ordered them.

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Kenya pulled Apollo to the side to another table to discuss their rocky past. It was a pleasant, light-hearted conversation. All Kenya wanted was for Apollo to admit nothing happened between them. Even though the conversation took place in a well lighted, public bar, in front of the other men as well as camera’s and crew, the twitter backlash towards Kenya was HUGE.

How do I know? Because I got caught right in the middle of it!

I responded to a tweet and said, “it was in a room full of people and cameras.They were hardly alone.” I then put my phone down and did some other things. I picked it back up about 30 minutes later and had over loads twitter notifications. What the hell?

Kenya Moore responded to my tweet by saying, “Exactly, LOL.” So from that point forward, everyone arguing about who is to blame and pushing their point copied me on it as well. Many felt like Kenya was somehow disrespectful for talking to Apollo. Others, (including myself) did not see a problem with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and twitter is a great forum to express that.

Through all of the tweets (which I just read through again) there was one point that was completely missing. Only 2 people (3 if you count me) put any of the blame on Apollo!

Has everyone already forgotten about this caught on camera? Not to mention the fact that Apollo Nida has served time?Image   Image

After he beat “red silk P J’s guy” half to death, he told Phaedra (on camera) he was trying to stop a fight. She believed him and blames, guess who? Kenya! Incidentally, Nene also blames Kenya for this fight. Last time I checked, she didn’t hit anyone. If these men cannot control their tempers, that’s on them.

In this case, almost nobody blamed Apollo for talking to Kenya. It was ALL her fault according to many twitter followers.  Sorry Ladies, Apollo could have walked away, or asked Todd to stay but he did not.

So many people were mean and nasty to Kenya, is was disgusting. One stooped so low as to say, “she would say exactly cause ur classless! That’s why u can’t have baby its ur karma! #aloneforever haha“. Most of the tweets I did not respond to but this one? No, I could not let it go. I responded, “Regardless of your feelings on this, what you said was way over the line. Karma works both ways my friend.” This person (who will not get notoriety from my blog) is still trying to argue with me even now! I finally blocked this person.

Other comments I received included:

“It’s about respect. They are married. Get some class.”

“even the shaman was sad

“clear her name? Lol. He definitely could have worked that out if he wanted to.”

It says a lot about about a woman who hangout w/men alone @Cigarbar and drinking. #trashy & #sleezy.

And on and on. So disappointing. Shocking and sad.

The underlying tone of everyone who was hammering Kenya seemed to be that men can’t control themselves, so she should not have approached him. Likewise, the fight a couple of weeks ago, the men couldn’t control themselves and once again blame was pointed at Kenya. Listen to me carefully here, that is absolutely RIDICULOUS. And an insult to all of the trustworthy, self-controlled men out there.

Kenya did what she set out to do. She was non-confrontational and it was the right approach. She cleared her name while the cameras were rolling. Well done friend. Many twitter followers agree because my statement has tons of retweets.

If anyone should have a problem, it should be Phaedra with Apollo, and not over last night’s conversation. She should have a huge problem that Apollo cannot be trusted and has a terrifying temper. She has small children in their home. He should be kicked to the curb. Keeping a “tight leash” on a man is no way to live. I bet this marriage will end. Soon.

These ladies should hold their men accountable for the things they do and say. And give Kenya a break.

Ultimately, I would like to say to all of the women out there: we should be building each other up, not tearing each other down. We should truly care for each other and be delighted for each others successes. Stick up for one another. Have each others back. Be a true friend.

Talk to you soon! xoxo


3 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Atlanta – I got caught up in a twitter war with Kenya Moore last night!

  1. Adp1222

    I have to disagree with your assessment of Kenya. I was extremely excited when I originally found out Kenya was joining the show. Unfortunately I have been disappointed with her overall appearance and will probably not watch the show next season. I don’t think the women’s distrust in her stems from insecurity but from a lack of respect she has shown. I have always been a guys type of girl (I grew up with 6 boys) but I also respect boundaries when they enter relationships. I make it a point to reach out to their partners and we usually become good friends. I don’t want my relationship with their husband/finance/boyfriend to put any unnecessary tension in their relationship. If I ever fell out with any of my male friend’s girlfriends/wives/fiances (whom I also consider friends) for whatever reason, it would be inappropriate for me to continue a relationship with that guy. Would you want your husband befriending and texting your female enemy? From day one Kenya was checking for Apollo. She said and I quote Apollo is looking kinda fine. She flirted with him shamelessly and he returned the attention. She was texting Apollo while simultaneously talking trash about his wife. Kenya is a flirt plain & simple but she needs to flirt with single men. When Kenya was at the table with the men, Peter & Todd stated more than once it was a trap. She was inappropriate in that scene; talking about sucking on cigars (which Peter checked), Peter’s shrinkage and reaching over the men in her low cut outfit. My main point is if you’re going to be around other female’s men, you need to stay in your single lane and let them be in the married lane. She has a tendency of disrespecting relationships (Christoper Williams ring a bell). If anyone has demonstrated their insecurities, it’s Kenya. Yes she is beautiful but besides her beauty, what else does she have? her relationship with Walter was supposedly fake and if it was real, she begged him for the entire season to marry her. She was evicted from her rental house. She’s considering a sperm donor even though she is supposedly in a new relationship. She doesn’t have a relationship at all with her Mom (which is sad). I feel bad for Kenya but I can’t condone her inappropriateness. I do agree that Apollo was wrong also but not because he has served timed. I know someone who went to jail young and is in church every Sunday and works hard to provide for his wife and kids. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your opinion on the situation. Just like your twitter followers agreed with you, everyone I know who watches the show can’t stand Kenya.


    • Thank you so much for your response. And, believe me, many people have echoed your words to me. I certainly understand where you are coming from. I should first say, I’m not “team Kenya” or team anyone. I do have to disagree with a few things you said. The first is that Kenya and Phaedra are not friends. Phaedra has taken every chance she gets to put Kenya down. Kenya has tried previously to talk to Phaedra and it’s like talking to a brick wall. My point is that she doesn’t owe Phaedra anything. Kenya’s single. Apollo is married. I cannot see what there is to be jealous over though. I don’t understand why any woman would want Apollo. He is a self-described “house husband”, he has served time and it was recently. We saw, first hand, his rage when he beat that poor guy on the “pillow talk” episode.
      It is not up to other women to keep someone’s husband in check. That is HIS job. He’s a sneaky snake and I bet he’s cheated on Phaedra any time he can. Kenya talked Apollo in a bar FULL of men that could see what was happening, not to mention cameras and crew. Kenya wanted to clear her name and she did it. She got him to admit nothing happened between them. Mission accomplished.
      Most of my followers do not agree with me. I enjoy the debate and I like to hear others point of view. I’ve always thought it odd that when a man cheats on his wife, the wife goes after the mistress and not her own husband. I feel that the woman is incidental, she could be anybody. I would have a major problem with my husband though, if I could not trust him. I do agree the show has gotten difficult to watch. It’s gone very “Jerry Springer” like to the point it almost looks staged. I guess time will tell!
      Much love to you and thanks again for the comment.


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