The Bachelor 2014’s Stand-Out Competitors: Where are they now?




It’s still early days for a “where are they now” piece. But I’ve learned so much by researching these fascinating women. One thing I would like to say is kudos to “The Bachelor” producers for choosing women who were not only beautiful, but who also are intelligent, talented and well spoken.

This blog is to celebrate the stand out women of “The Bachelor 2014”. Because of this and because we already know way more than we want to about the bachelor himself, he will NOT be mentioned here at all.

As I studied these women, I realized that, “wow” these women are all women of substance. It’s such a shame they were contestants on this season of the show. As it was such a train wreck, maybe they will be invited back on another season? Well, one can hope.

These are in no particular order. I did as much research…

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