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By now, everyone who is interested, knows about the crisis between Ukraine and Russia (and the rest of us). For those who need to be brought up to speed, here is a brief update. There is a section of Ukraine called Crimea which houses a Russian Military base and is heavily Russian ethnically based. Ukrainians overthrew their president as he was pro-Russia. Ukraine is a “westernized” democracy which flies in the face of Russia’s President, Vladamir Putin – he equates it as anarchy.

Nutshell: Ukraine: independent, democratic country. Russia: wants to overtake part of the Ukraine, specifically Crimea. Putin’s “reasoning”? Much like Hitler himself, Pres. Putin says they want Crimea to “protect Russian citizens” there. Similar reasoning was used by Hitler when he wanted Czechoslovakia.

Here’s the real deal. Reporter’s are reporting from a political standpoint. Who they and we should be listening to is the Ukrainian people.

Here is some of what is being said, including from Russian ethnic Ukrainian people: All TV programming in Ukraine has been overtaken and replaced by Russian channels only. On these channels, Ukrainian people are being told Russia has already taken Crimea. Ukrainian people are both smart and devastated. One of its people is quoted as saying, “Russia’s words make the tears flow as we know this is purely an occupation”.

Ukraine so desperately does not want Russian interference that it signed an agreement with Russia, the USA and the UK some years ago, agreeing to give up its nuclear weapons to Russia who destroyed them, as long as all three countries agreed to leave Ukraine as a separate country to govern as it sees fit.

The Russian allied President of Ukraine was overthrown by the Ukrainian people. Because it does not want to be Russian, or governed as if it is. What bravery the Ukrainian people have shown. They are strong but they are also afraid this is only the beginning.

Ugh. Imagine how they must feel. Turning on your TV and seeing nothing but another countries TV channels? Terrifying! A loose analogy would be, for example,  Cuba stating it was taking over Miami in order to protect its people here from a democracy. I said it is a LOOSE analogy so please do not reply by telling me the differences. I already know. The way this is similar is on a human level.

The Russian troops have tripled in size in as many day in Crimea. I encourage you to look at images and videos online to see the real story of what is happening on the ground.

The USA has responded by putting sanctions on Russia. Effectively just making Russia more angry.

The Ukrainian people deserve to be protected by both us and the UK. We promised. We signed the agreement.

The simple truth is this. Russian President Putin is LYING. If he was concerned about his people, he would offer them the opportunity to come back home to Russia. Problem solved. The Ukrainian people know this. They know Putin’s words are pure deception. So do we.

So, what do we do now? Suggestions??? My heart goes out to the people in Ukraine. Having their media taken over must leave them feeling isolated and not knowing what to do and what to believe.  I hope they know that the western world is in line with them. I hope they continue to fight for their freedom.

And finally, a promise is a promise. I hope the USA and the UK honor the Budapest Memorandum. Protect this free nation we promised to protect.

Thank you for sticking with me through this blog. If the issue were simply a political one, I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. But because it does involve people we promised to protect, it must be addressed. I sincerely hope other bloggers weigh in on this problem. It truly does affect us all.

Talk to you again soon! xoxo


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