Is Russia’s President Vladamir Putin a modern day Hilter? Nah, let’s talk puppies and rainbows!


So, you’re sick to death of reading or skimming past stories regarding Ukraine and Russia?  Yeah me too. So check out this amazing blog written by yours truly.

In my title, I stated I would talk about puppies and rainbows. So I just did.

Please stick with me here and read this blog. Your regularly scheduled heartsnlaughs blogs will resume tomorrow.

Now on to the real reason for this blog and why it was so important  to get you to click on it. If you did not read yesterday’s blog, please go back and read it first. I’m far too lazy to re-explain this whole problem again. And yes, in 24 hours it has gone from a possible issue to a quickly escalating problem. A problem which directly involves the USA (hereafter referred to as “we” and “us”) and the UK.

First, I want to congratulate the citizens of Ukraine for their unyielding bravery in the face of Russia’s passive-agressive moves towards taking over the Crimea. What Ukrainians are doing should be recognized world wide. Further, any democratic, westernized country’s who can, should come to the aid of Ukraine, especially us and the UK. We both did, after all, sign the Budapest Memorandum. Another reason we all should help is because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Is it a stretch to compare Putin to Hitler? I do not think so and here is why:

Putin has begun movement of Russia’s armed forces in Crimea. According to him, this is to protect Russian citizens in the region from the westernized anarchy of Ukraine. (Westernization = Anarchy? Ok, whatever.) He has even go so far as to launch a ballistic missile from Astrakhan today. It was a “dummy” missile and according to Putin it’s merely routine maintenance. Really? Really? The dummy missile landed in, Kazakhstan, a Russian ally. This serves as a gentle reminder of Russia’s military force and to show it has allies in the same area.

Take a look at the maps shown here. The center of both maps is where Astrakhan is located (it is shown on the 2nd photo as the cursor). It is very interesting to me that the distance is nearly exact between Astrakhan and Kazakhstan and Astrakhan and Ukraine. The dummy missile was launched from a moving vehicle and clearly showed Ukraine and the rest of the world exactly what its capability is.



Does Putin’s “reason” for moving forward to take the Crimea to “protect it’s citizens there” remind you of someone who did the same, under the same initial reason? One Adolf Hitler comes to mind. This is undoubtedly remnizent of the Nazi’s moving into the then, Czechoslovakia.

People this is NO JOKE. I typically write blogs about reality TV, funny stories and personal stories. But not today. It is so important that politically uninterested people keep an eye on what is going on because the future could involve our country, our people, our troops.

Today, like yesterday, I am writing about this very serious issue because I believe people, Russian’s included, can and must speak out publicly, against Putin going any further. While our government’s may hate each other, the people of the countries involved do not. This could not have been more evident at this year’s winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia. Russians and Americans, Czech Republic and Slovakia just to name a few, warmed our hearts as the competed in a friendly manner and showed us there may be hope for this world after all.

Fellas, you are not going to like this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Women can smell bullsh*t a mile away. Am I right Ladies? It’s easy for us to look at a situation and tell what is BS and what is not. We know Putin is talking out of both sides of his a$$.

Your regularly scheduled heartsnlaughs blog will continue tomorrow. In the meantime, I would encourage you to comment on this blog. As I said yesterday, your opinion really does matter. Maybe even some of our Ukrainian friends could write a few words? Continue to follow this story closely.

I love this world we live in. I love rainbows and puppies. I do not love seeing peoples freedom at risk.

Talk to you guys soon. Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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