Sochi 2014 – Olympic Inspiration – Find yours here!



It’s winter. It’s cold, if not snowing in many places. Unless you are fortunate enough to live in the South, winter can be a dismal, depressing time for so many. And yet, there are a many people who love, in fact, thrive in the winter months. The most obvious place to see this is, of course, the winter Olympics. This year, held in Sochi, Russia, the Olympic spirit is both seen and felt through the cold.

Being a Miami gal, that is very impressive to me! If the temps drop below 75 degrees, I’m suiting up ready for a blizzard. No joke. Not so, for some true Southerners:


The good news is, this year, if you have the winter blues, it’s not hard to find real inspiration by taking a look at this year’s Olympics. On each one of the competitor’s faces you see sheer determination. Knowing these people have worked relentlessly, night and day, year after year, to perfect their craft is incredibly inspiring. Imagine if we all could apply that kind of unwavering commitment to our own lives? Inspiration to do more, to be more, to leave a positive mark on this world is never more evident than watching countries around the world, coming together to compete in friendly games. It is truly inspiring on a global scale.


Watching these amazing athletes compete is inspiration enough. But we also get a look into their lives. We see their journey with all of the ups and downs that got them to this amazing career climax.


They are not programmed machines. They are people, just like you and I. The difference is they are of single mind. They have sacrificed everything to be the best; to represent their country to the best of their ability. Almost sadly, not everyone wins. Some are beaten, others injured and for still others, life happens and cuts their dreams short. Still they continue to persevere.


Right now, and through the weekend, inspiration is everywhere. If you have the winter blues, submerge yourself in these games. Get to know the sports, the competitors and read/watch their unique stories. I guarantee you will be inspired.


Granted, we cannot all be Olympic athletes, but we can push ourselves further. Inspiration is contagious. If we are inspired, others will be inspired by us.


Each and every countries participants, whether big or small, all share a special hunger that continually propels them forward, win or lose. I want to adopt that kind of not “can do” attitude, but “must do” attitude. The hills and valleys of these athletes are not so different from our own in everyday life. But the manner in which those highs and lows are handled is wildly different. We tend to be easily defeated and therefore, do not want to continue to try. We become uninspired and when that happens, that child inside each one of us stops dreaming. We mustn’t stop dreaming!


Merely having the Olympics in Russia, Russia of all places, is inspiring. It wasn’t that many years ago, the USA boycotted the Olympics. We have all truly come a long way. There is still more to do. And just as these Olympic athletes do not quit, nor can we.


We owe it to our countries, our families, ourselves to commit with determination to leave a positive legacy in this world. We must stay inspired. And when that inspiration seems to be lost, reflect on these 2014 Winter Olympics. Review the limitless photos and read up on stories of the countries and athletes involved. Inspiration will surely return.


Thank you, 2014 Olympians, for reminding us this world is bigger than we are. For working so hard to represent your country to the best of your efforts. Thank you for inspiring us, both young and old.

Congratulations to you all for your incredible performances in Sochi.

I cannot wait to see what you do next!


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