It used to be fairly simple. You get sick/have a medical condition and your friendly Doctor wrote you a prescription for the medication you needed to get better/cope with your condition. Nationwide, drug law are continually getting more strict. Why? Drugs are BIG business underground. This is especially true in border states. Miami, Florida has been home to many drug dealers and Doctors accused of medical fraud.

On it’s face, tightening the drug laws seems like the right way to go. PROBLEM: The people (yours truly included) who genuinely need these medications find it incredibly hard, if not impossible to get there meds.


On several occasions, I have literally spent ALL DAY driving all over Miami, going from pharmacy to pharmacy trying to find anyone who could fill my prescriptions. Because of the crack down on drugs, many top named pharmacy’s including CVS and Walgreens are unable to even order the drugs prescribed. It’s insane and it get’s worse.


The powers-that-be have put the fear of god into Doctors to the point that they will not even write prescriptions for controlled substances anymore. So, they patients who need their prescriptions get turned over to specialists. Specialists who are overrun with patients, making getting an appointment in a timely manner impossible.

The strict laws and guidelines that have been put in place by the DEA are there to curtail criminal behavior. But this is another example of the government stripping normal people of their rights. The illegal drug trade, as well as medical fraud, gets pushed further underground, however, make no mistake, it still goes on every. single. day.

So, where does this leave people like myself, who are chronically ill, in need of appropriate medical treatment? I cannot speak for everyone else. But, for me, I am frustrated, upset, stressed out and feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. The loser here is not the drug trafficker, or the corrupt medical professionals. The loser here is me.

Tirade over. Thanks for listening.



  1. Gavin

    Hi Karen,

    Unfortunately you live in a state that is known for its “pill mills”. I read an article that stated in 2011 the State of Fla doctors prescribed the drug oxycodone (just an example here since it’s one of the control drugs used by many patients with chronic pain) 10x more than all states combined. Unscrupulous doctors pretty much forced the DEA’s hand in your state it appears. That’s not to suggest other states don’t have issues – they do of course – but the problem in Florida is somewhat over-the-top.

    In addition, the DEA is forcing pharmacists to monitor and report physicians who are prescribing too many of these type of pills. And the pharmacists are even supposed to evaluate the patients and try to determine if something is fishy. What kind of crap is that? A pharmacist babysitting a DOCTOR? Or even babysitting a patient for that matter. No wonder the pharmacies are, in some cases, refusing to carry the drugs.

    I know the DEA is trying to help control drug abuse (as so many of these drugs are addictive and can lead to overdoses). But like you said, you, the patient in need, is the one suffering.

    To me the government needs to back off with all of this stiff control. Will that happen? Nope.

    In the meantime, I don’t really know what the ‘fix’ is except to maybe try an alternative drug that doesn’t have as stringent controls.


    • I totally get it. But, in fairness, there is a sh*t ton of people down here! It’s a HUGE state and it just sucks that normal people have to pay the price for the criminals…The DEA needs to concern themselves with making sure American citizens get the medications that are needed. Thanks for your comment! I hope you will hangout and read more of my blogs! xoxo


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