“There we go! Some good old cold war hostility!” (SPOILER ALERT: SOCHI 2014 HOCKEY USA vs. RUSSIA)



SPOILER ALERT: Though you’d have to be dead not to have already heard….

I (embarrassingly) woke up late this morning. I picked up my phone and checked twitter. There was a tweet about Olympic Hockey teams USA and RUSSIA being TIED 2 – 2 and heading to overtime! I rushed to my TV and frantically looked for a channel showing the game. Found it. I quickly tweeted close to what I said above. It was an amazing nail biter! One for the history books, and definitely something you did not want to miss. Whether you follow the Olympics or not; or whether you follow hockey or not, this game would be a highly talked about  subject around the world.

While waiting for OT to start, I joined many others on twitter and received a response from one of my (former because I blocked them) followers which read, “There we go! Some good old cold war hostility!”. I was stunned, but also distracted. I had a hockey game to watch.


After the amazing shoot out with the US ultimately winning 3-2, I swear, it must have been 15 minutes before my blood pressure reached an acceptable level for me to address that comment. And address it, I did.

You see, it did not, nor does it still, matter to me who the USA was playing. I was pulling for my team! I responded in kind anId said, “the only one being hostile is you.” I then stated “hate speech is no way to earn fans, and unfortunately they lost one in me today.” Later, they tried to back peddle…it was a joke…adding history to it makes it fun…blah blah…LAME.

It was a serious allegation and a direct attack on my character. There was NO WAY. I was going to let that slide.

While the debate continues over whether it’s even possible to keep politics out of the Olympics, for me, politics had nothing to do with it. I was rooting for MY countries team and will proudly do so again tomorrow when the USA Hockey team is NOT playing Russia.



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