“Two Olympics then get lost.” The blazing difference between Russia and the USA.


Check out this quote from the article written by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports:

“SOCHI, Russia – The backlash against Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko dropping out of the men’s individual event because of injury has caused a firestorm of criticism here. That included a national politician on Friday calling for a law to be passed banning any Russian from competing in more than two Olympics.

“Two Olympics and get lost. Let the youngsters have a go,” LDPR party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky said, according to Russian media. “Plushenko is an invalid.”

Speechless. Which is not good when writing a blog. Gob-smacked…

Say what you want to about our government (and I have lots to say, another day, another blog), but can you imagine any U. S. Politician making comments about our Olympians such as, “two olympics then get lost”, or (please don’t insert name here) is an invalid.”

Let’s forget for a moment that Mr. Plushenko qualified to be in the 2014 Olympics, I don’t care if he didn’t win a damn thing! Russia should support it’s Olympians…all of them. Not just the medalists.

This backlash against Olympic Champion, Evgeni Plushenko is not only coming from Russian politicians, but the Russian media is clearly stirring the pot as well.

Congratulations Russia, for sending a clear message to your people and future Olympic hopefuls: You are not important, you are expendable and if you mess up, your country will turn it’s back on you.

To Mr. Zhirinovsky, if Olympic Champions are that easy to replace, how about you head over to the ice rink and suit up.

To Olympic Officials, do your homework. Make sure the country chosen to host the Olympics actually supports it’s own athletes.

And finally to Mr. Plushenko, thank you for giving us years of watching amazing ice skating. It must be personally devastating to end your career this way. But many of us are thankful you skated for us for as long as you did.


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