GUYS: This One’s For You. Top 10 Valentine’s Day DON’TS


Fellas, in case you missed this yesterday…check it out! Valentine’s DON’TS



Guys, you mean well, you really do. Pay attention to this list of “Valentine’s Don’ts”. Both you and your sweetie will be glad you did! Though numbered, this list of “don’ts” is in no particular order. They are all equally bad ideas for Valentine’s Day.

  1. You’ve asked your sweetie what they would like for Valentine’s Day and they replied, “nothing”. DON’T listen to them. Everybody wants at least a little something to feel special on the day.
  2. DON’T buy a Valentine’s Day card that refers to farts, or any other bodily function. Save those types of cards for your buddies birthday. If you are going the card route, it needs to be at least a cute card. A more serious, “I love you” card is the best option.
  3. DON’T buy a 99 cents card. The price is on the back of the card and she will know by the quality…

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