I’m not a fan. I’m a Mom.



Who is this man? Allow me to introduce you. This is Jeremy, a wanna-be in the music industry but a man whose career never took off. He is best known for being a parent. Parent…I use that word in the loosest of terms. His dream is to be famous. I’ve got to give it to him, hee’s achieved that. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. He is the parent of this guy:


Justin Bieber. This photo says more than I could possibly write in a blog.

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Justin and his father, along with several other members of Justin’s entourage flew via private jet from Canada to New Jersey last Friday. They smoked so much pot on that flight, the pilots had to wear oxygen masks to fly to safety. Jeremy ignored numerous demands from the pilots to stop the weed fest.

The plane was met at the airport by law enforcement. The jet door opened and the smell of marijuana smoke billowed out. As I am writing this, it’s just occurred to me: Officials searched the jet and it’s passengers and could find no drugs. Obviously, THEY SMOKED IT ALL. They got rid of the evidence and incredibly, no charged were filed.

I’ve had to do some research on this situation and this family. As I said in my title, I’m not a fan. I’m a Mom. I couldn’t pick Justin Bieber’s songs out of a line up. What I have found out is that he takes the #1 seat on twitter with the most followers world-wide at 49 million. I cannot speak to his talent, but I do know the power of social media. Justin Bieber, in terms of worldwide popularity, ranks up there with the likes of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley.

The out-of-control teen apparently thinks he’s invincible and his own father is not only not protecting him from himself, he’s actually tagging along his child’s path towards disaster and enjoying the ride…Can’t you just hear Justin’s dad on the jet, “smoke faster son, the cops are coming”!  This is not an actual quote, rather it is the mental picture that struck me as soon as I heard about this situation. I immediately felt sick. I’m not a fan. I’m a mom.


This photo was taken only 3 short years ago. At 19, Justin is now “legally” an adult. That said, there is not a magical date that we, as parents, give up being concerned about our children. Further, there is no specific date when children stop listening to their parents. Justin himself is proving that because he is listening to his dad. Is there anyone who can help him to understand he clearly needs to clean up his act?

I think so.

Twitter has become an unbelievably powerful tool. Those 49 million followers of Justin’s (called the “beliebers”) can and should ban together and collectively, repeatedly message him that he needs rehab NOW. Will it work? That’s anyone’s guess but it’s worth a try, right?  At some point, this will all end for Jeremy and his son. I sincerely hope it does not end tragically.

I’m not a fan, I’m a mom. I’m going to sign off now and go hug my 18 year old son.


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