Welcome to Juan Pablo’s School of Morals.



Last night’s aired episode of “The Bachelor” exposed Juan Pablo Gavalis in more ways than one.

“I want to kiss Renee but she has an 8 year old son and he will see this…blah blah ….a kiss tonight is not going to happen”. At this point, we had  already seen the “watch what happens tonight” footage. In one scene, he looks like he’s about to swallow the house slut, Claire. Big problem. Not only did all of the other women see it, but so will, unfortunately, his daughter. And it didn’t stop there. Far from it.

During his one-on one time with the ladies during the group date, Juan Pablo made out with several of the unsuspecting women. When it was Claire’s one-on-one time, Juan Pablo took her to his suite. Camera’s did not follow them in...Later that night, Claire tip-toed to his suite and the two went for a midnight swim. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

We are starting to see exactly why Juan Pablo is single. He clearly is struggling with which head he is thinking from. There. I said it.


Now to poor, disillusioned Claire. She was flying high at the beginning of the cocktail party the next night. She made a group toast that went something like, “Cheers to looking for love, finding love, having love and making love”. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. It was an appropriate toast though, as they apparently had sex in the ocean. That’s got to be a Bachelor first, this early on.

I doubt that’s the toast she would have made had she known what was coming.

The highly moraled Juan Pablo pulled her aside and told her their interlude was a mistake. He stated he wanted to be “fair”. (I would love to know what his definition of “fair” is) and then noted his fall back excuse, “my daughter will see that”. At first, Claire played the victim but then was annoyed that he was remorseful.  Let me clarify that statement. She played the victim with Juan Pablo, water works and all. However, to the camera, she was annoyed in an “it takes two to tango” kind of way.



Was it enough for her to throw her rose in his face and walk off the show??? Nope. She stood there at the rose ceremony, rose in hand, and watched three other ladies get sent packing. It seems the moral train missed out on ole Claire as well.

Having high morals is an admirable character trait. But you, Juan Player, I mean Juan Pablo, obviously and quite publicly showed the world you don’t have them. It’s become clear that you are using your daughter, as well as other ladies children, to attempt to trick the ladies and the viewers into believing that you have some kind of conscience.

Dude, you can’t have it both ways. Morals based on each woman? Please, give me a break.

Why would any woman (these on the show or any other) want a man who is serious with some, while playing with others? Claire apparently does not have a problem with it. Could they be a match made in…Vietnam?

Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Juan Pablo’s School of Morals.

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    I first published this blog on February 4, 2014. Interesting, now that we know how the show ended. Take a look and let me know what you think. Oh, and please forgive the misspelling of Clare’s name. It was pretty early on…I thought it was spelled “Claire”Anyway, enjoy! (Typos and all!) xoxo.


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