Women spend 23,075 hours getting ready!



How many times have you heard, “Hurry up! Aren’t you ready yet?” Throughout history, women have always taken longer than men to get ready. Men run around the shower three times, slap some deo. on and brush their teeth. DONE! Women, on the other hand, have much more to do.


It’s not a typo, and it’s also a conservative estimate! Ladies, if we spend one hour per day getting ready over 65 years, we will spend 23,075 hours getting ready to live! Unbelievable right? It’s true. Stick with me: here’s the math/logic. Assume we live to age 75.  I did NOT factor in the first 10 years of our lives and I allowed for 10 days off per year. (Let’s face it, some days we don’t do shit to go anywhere.) Now here’s the conservative part. This calculation allows for 1 hour perday only. So 1 hour per day…

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