The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 13 – It got REAL…Scary that is!



Let me start by saying that I LOVE Reality TV. I’m a huge Bravo fan. I enjoy seeing “how the other half-lives” and my heart smiles a little bit knowing that it’s not all champagne and roses, even for the elite. As viewers, we get a small peek, heavily edited look into reality star’s lives. And, if nothing else, it’s mindless entertainment that takes us away from our own problems for a while.

BUT…The Real Housewives of Atlanta (hereafter known as RHOA) went straight from drama to off the rictor scale violence tonight. And get this, it wasn’t the housewives, it was their husbands! I watched the show with my twitter friends at #RHOA and we were all completely shocked at what went down. In a nutshell, all of the housewives and their spouses/partners gathered together for a “pillow talk” party. What could possibly go wrong?

Phaedra Parks husband, Apollo went wrong. WAY wrong.


As usual when this group is together, accusations, allegations and “throwing shade” commenced. Whatever. The situation quickly escalated and Apollo Nida proceeded in beating the sh*t out of a newbie in the group. Pure pandemonium ensued. Producer’s everywhere trying to calm the situation. They succeeded, briefly. People were sectioned off in different rooms in Nene’s home. Apollo seemed still enraged though and sure enough, he took his shirt off and headed for the poor guy again. It seriously was “Jerry Springer” on crack.


While we only saw this last evening, it was actually filmed in September 2013. Fast forward to last week and Apollo has been arrested, not for abuse, but for bank fraud and identity theft. I guess we now know where he got “five thousand dollars” to spend in the strip club. This is not his first major arrest. This man has already spent 5 years in prison for racketeering. Not exactly father/husband material which leads me to the whole point of this blog:

Why is Mrs. Phaedra Parks still married to this man and allowing him to live in the home with two very young children. On RHOA after the first brawl, she stated, “Apollo has a temper, but he can usually control it”. Usually? This jobless man and convicted felon who can usually control his temper resides in the same home as two babies. One can only imagine what happens behind closed doors on the occasions when usually runs out…

On the RHOA, Mrs. Parks is portrayed as a very strong southern belle. She is a proud woman and seemingly completely in control. It seems reality and reality are very different for Phaedra.

Mrs. Phaedra, I sincerely hope this blog comes to your attention. The writing is on the wall. In the south, we do stand by our men. But when our children are in danger, that’s a deal breaker. Done.

My heart and prayers go out to the beautiful Phaedra Parks and her children. I sincerely hope and pray she gathers the strength to leave. She has far too much going for her to allow this man to drag her down.There is no need to “keep up appearances”. The cat is out of the bag.



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