If I’m able to speak in complete sentences, it will truly be a miracle. I spent a lot of time today learning about the options and features for my blog. What did I learn? I learned that I don’t like learning. Well, at least without a suitable amount of caffeine in my system. By the time I was “done” (as if I ever will be), I had such a stress headache, I wanted to vomit. I am by no means a brain surgeon, but I’m not a blithering idiot either. No more stinkin’ learning for me. Not today anyway. Once I left that cluster f*** of a morning, I realized I had neglected my twitter account. So, stinkin’ headache now reaching maximum effectiveness on my mind, I checked my twitter, only to find out I had been hacked. HACKED! Nightmare! Followers messaging me left, right and center that I’d been hacked. See, the hacker thought it would be really funny to use my followers and tweet blog tags to ALL of them! That is, until they maxed out how many tweets I (they) could tweet. So, not only was I hacked, I was also in Twitter Jail”. They managed to squeeze in a few tweets which said, “I’m bored…lol”. Well, guess what? It was NOT “LOL”. Not at all.

It occurred to me that hackers go unpunished. What would be appropriate punishment for these children with far too much knowledge and time on their hands? I’m all for corporal punishment. You “hack”? Well, your punishment should be to have your fingers chopped off. How are you going to hack now, nubby?!?

Seriously, my most sincere suggestions to these self taught cyber PITA’s: Use your computer smarts for GOOD and for $$$! If you are smart enough to hack, computer companies want you on their payroll to stop your fellow hackers…and rather than being a PITA, you will get a paycheck. And with that paycheck, you can go out, do fun things. Move away from that computer that consumes you. You may find that someone special, get married, have kids and live happily ever after! (Don’t bother inviting me to the wedding, nubby) Use your hacking skills for the good and may the Karma ray’s surround you in a positive light. And if you don’t, karma is just waiting for you, arms crossed, tapping one foot with a smirk on her face. I don’t like your chances.


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