The Marriage of Social Media and Reality TV


It’s genius! What better way to increase ratings than to get the international public to be directly involved with reality tv shows. So far, the best example of this has to be NBC’s “The Voice”. Votes accumulate for a particular artist via twitter, facebook, itunes, telephone, email etc. Some of us take it a step further and actually get to know the stars via messaging back and forth on social media. Brilliant! Everybody wins! It makes the world a smaller place and “everyman” feels they are part of something bigger and they ARE! Let’s face it:  it is much more fun to hop on twitter when American Idol comes on and chat/read opinions with others also interested in said reality show. We agree, we disagree, we argue, we make new friends, we block psychos, all with very little effort. TV networks are scrambling to figure out new and more creative ways to involve us (ie suck us in) and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! See you tonight at #americanidol !


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