Mid-life crisis or Self-realization?


Women and men hit their magical 40’s and almost like a slap in the face, everything changes. In our 20’s and 30’s, we were building our lives and living it (usually very busy almost all of the time). Then the big 4 – 0 hit and BAM! Life is remarkably and shockingly different. I’ve heard it called, “chasing the years of your life” and I think that is loosely true. For some, that means reverting back to a time in life when we “had it all” and trying to do it all over again (“image” a man buying that red convertible corvette he always wanted) or dating/cheating with someone 1/2 their age or joining a gym…anything to get their mojo back. For others, it’s a time of reflection. Taking an objective look deep inside your heart and taking stock of your life so far. What worked? What didn’t? How do you move forward and make the most of every single day of your life. For most, I think it’s both. How else do you explain the 40 somethings who eat well, exercise and tan, then go to the club and drink and smoke heavily to pick up or be picked up? Psychiatrists would say its the id, ego and super ego dancing the tango. Many companies count on us experiencing this in our 40’s. Believe me, skin care and hair care companies, salons, gyms, weight lose companies, on and on and on are very thankful. Without this time of life, Plastic surgeons would be all but out of business. Fitness guru’s, gone. It’s not all bad news. For those who truly want to grow through this period of life, it can be the most exciting time ever! The urge to look, feel, be younger takes a back seat and that super savvy person you always wanted to be emerges. Self-realization is incredibly revitalizing and empowering. For perhaps the first time ever, it matters not what others think or say about you or your opinions, (which you are willing to give freely). A thirst for living a happy life leads to a review of priorities that so long ago got skewed. You sift through all of the crap that is your life and figure out what really matters to you and what just doesn’t. Purging the things, people, drama that have dragged you down, held you back or compromised your priorities occurs and your life’s purpose becomes evident. So, I say to us all, HAPPY MID LIFE!


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